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SAP SD Forum End-to-End Process SAP Sales and Distribution Module

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Old 05-15-2009, 03:38 AM
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Default Some SAP SD Interview Questions 1

Some SAP SD Interview Questions 1

1. What exactly is automatic posting can you explain?

1. Automatic posting could be, posting of accounting documents to FICO once invoice is created which can also be controlled manually. Automatiaclly detremine the freight while pricing in ship doc. and post to the relevant account to fico. usually automatic posting is posting of documents to FICO based on variuos account keys and account groups.

2. How many clients we will create in land scape (like in development server, quality server, production server )
if we are creating more than one in each server what is exact use of that client.

2. Client landscape : Basic layout : dev -testing- production also
- Sandbox env. for trial and error
- Development env. for actaully creating transports(CTS)
- Global env. If you have global implementations at different client locations (eg; canada, US, UK) (for testing purposes with actual master dataas well)
- Testing env.(for regression testing purposes before moving to prodcution, integration etc..)
- Prod. env. the actual production system
The clients could be variable and could be created to a specific env. usually a dev. where abap, functional would mess around. say :
client 100-functinal consultants
client 300- abapers
client 400- other users(like super etc)

3. How we will configure export sales in sd (respect to plants assign and sales process)?

4. How we can do invoice split depending on item category in which scenario we will use?

4. You first need to go for copying controls either from sales to billing (invoice) or delivery to billing or billing to billing
use transactions (vtaa,vtaf,vtla,vtfa,vtfl,vtff) all possibilities for copy controls. this basicly is flow of doc to doc. (may it be sales to billing, del to bil, or bil to bil etc..)
-> this is where you see the Item category and you control whether split is possible or not with the indicator"B". eg: representing split in invoice based on item category. The field here "data VBRK/VBRP" (headre/item)whcih actually is used for splits or combining different deliveries. create a splitting rule using VOFM (you need access key to get here). Here you define comparisions for the fields at header table and item tables and the comparision fields say SPART"division". "purchase order "BSTKD Instance: 5 sales orders combined into 2 deliveries and the split at the invoice would be 5 individual billing with respect to fields PO and DIv. of each sales order would let you create 5 billings. You need to define the exact "field" in the comparisions both at header and item level that could lead to invoice split. the key here is the field that is different
from header to item will cause split at the item level.

5. Can any one explain how we will configure milestone billing , periodic billing and which scenario we will use?

5. Menu path:
IMG->sales &distr->Billing->billing plans->define billing plan types.
You set the start date and end dates if applicable to the type of billing you are using. What time to be billed (end of month, start of month etc..)
Milestone is a billing plan type where a customer is billed for the amount distributed between the dates until total value is reached eg: if the total billing amountis 1000 USD for a year. You will bill the customer in different amounts say 200, 500, 300 at different intervals as per customer agreement.
On the other hand Periodic billling is billing the customer for the total amount(here 1000 USD) at regular intervals peridically until the customer agreement is reached. eg: 1000/12 for a 1 year agreement and say billed at the 1st day of every month.

6. What are some pricing routines and sd functional specs?

6. Form routines for prcing and variuos other functions can be maintained form routines are something todo with ABAP code.
Go to (VOFM) where all requrements whcih are represented by form routines can be maintained. Requrements are available to be assigned where access sequenses are used (for determination procedures, here pricing).
Once the tcode VOFM is accessed you will see requrements and go select "pricing" again you need access key to create your own or copy a routine.
Say you want header price not to have effect the item pricing, you need to go to the program to change abap code to meet the requirement. this specific requirement you created will be assigned in the pricing proc. determination "requirements field"
usaully with a number beyond 600. Note: make sure you activate your routine for its effect to take place.

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