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Thendral is a Tamil drama serial directed by S. Kumaran. It premiered on December 7, 2009 and is being aired on weekdays on Sun TV Thendral stars Shruthi Raj, Deepak Dinkar and Sri Vidya in the lead roles and revolves around a girl's struggle in a middle-class family, focusing on the importance of women's' education. It is one of Sun TV's hit serials after Thirumathi Selvam.


Thendral is a Tamil drama serial. It is produced by Vikatan Televistas and directed by S. Kumaran. It premiered on Sun TV December 7, 2009 and is being aired weekdays at 9 pm. Thendral stars Deepak Dinkar, Shruti Raj, Hemalatha along with others. The story revolves around a middle class family girl Thulasi (Shruti Raj) and the events in her life along with her education. She marries the man of her dreams Tamilarasan (Deepak Dinkar) and faces challenges and struggles together. Thendral is Sun TV's popular serial attracting audiences from many ages around the world.

Thendral Cast Profile

Deepak Dinkar

Deepak Dinkar born September 15 began his career working with Vijay TV. He has hosted and participated in many shows from various channels. While Deepak wanted to become an actor first, he says becoming a host was an accident yet a great experience. Deepak participated in the very first season of Jodi #1 and has acted in many serials including Bhandam and Selvi. He has also played roles in films, the latest being Uyarthiru420. Deepak is known for his sense of humour and talent. In 2011, he received the Ehrlich Subramaniam Silver Rolling Trophy for best actor in a leading serial role from director K. Balachander. Currently he is hosting the TV reality show Home Sweet Home and playing the lead male role in the serial Thendral. [/font]

Shruti Raj

Shruthi Raj born March 27 is an Indian actress. She started doing films in 1996 and has acted in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films. She is known as an actress who portrays traditional roles and glamour roles and is credited for her performances in the films Kadhal Dot Com and Jerry. Shruthi is known to be very polite and friendly with her cast members. In 2011, she received the Dr. Lakshmi Chaturvedi Silver Rolling Trophy best actress in a leading serial role from director K. Balachander. She is playing the lead female roles in the Tamil serial Thendral and Telugu serial Sravani Subramanyam.


Hemalatha is a Tamil actress who began as a child artist acting in serials directed by Balu Mahendra. She is famous for her role playing Kaveri in the serial Chitti. Hema has acted in supporting roles in many Tamil films including Kaadhal Kondean and Ji. She has also participated in various TV dance competitions including Jodi #1 on Vijay TV and acted in serials including Kana Kaanum Kaalangal and Anbe Vaa. Hema plays the role of Deepa in Thendral.

Subhalekha Sudhakar

Subhalekha Sudhkar is an Indian film actor. He has done over 90 films. His debut was the film Subhalekha by director K. Viswanath. He has played a variety of roles including in Ratchagan and Raktha Charitam. He is known for his serial role in Chitti and Madhavi. He plays the role of Muthumanikkam in Thendral.

Shanti Williams

Shanthi Williams is a Tamil actress who has played supporting roles in Tamil movies. She is best known for her negative role in the serial Metti Oli. She was awarded the Best Actress in a Negative Role by director K. Balachander for her performance in Thendral where she plays the role of Tamil's mother.

Neelima Rani

Neelima is a film actress who began her career acting in movies and serials. She also hosted a dance reality show on Sun TV. Neelima was seen in Mozhi and Naan Maha Illai and has done many serials including Metti Oli and Chellame. She plays the role of Lavanya in Thendral.


Srividya is a popular actress who began her debut as a child artist in movies Unnidathil Ennai Koduthai, and Ennavale. She was also seen in a supporting role in the movie Jilinu Oru Kaadhal. She has done many serials including Sivashakti and Muthanai Mudichu. She is doing her MBA at Anna University. She plays the role of Charulatha in Thendral.

Nizhalgal Ravi

Nizhalgal Ravi is an Indian actor who acted in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films. He started his film career in 1980 with the film Nizhalgal with director Bharathiraja. He is considered a versatile and stylish actor who has played a wide range of roles in his films. He has played supporting roles in films including Nayagan and Singam. Apart from films, his television appearances include Jannal and Rayil Sneham. He was awarded Best Actor in a Negative Role by The Mylapore Academy for his performance in Thendral. He plays the role of Velayudham in Thendral.


Aishwarya ia a South Indian actress who has acted in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam movies. She began her career in 1990 with the film Oliyampukal and Mamagaru. She is known as a versatile actress taking upon unique roles like in Vel and Abhiyum Naanum. She is currently acting in the TV serial Mama Maplea, Paarijatham and plays the character of Bhuvana in Thendral.


Yuvarani is an Indian actress who began her film career with director K. Balanchander. She has acted in movies Jathi Mathi, Baasha and Singam. She is well known for her powerful role in the serial Chitthi. In Thendral she plays the role of Thirupura Sundari.


dams is one of Sun TV's anchors. He has interviewed many celebrities for various occasions. He has acted in the serials Sivaskathi and Mundhanai Mudhichu. He plays the role of Prabha in Thendral.

Susan George

Susan is from Bangalore and is a Tamil actress. She is best known for her powerful role in the movie Mynaa. Susan likes to take up challenging roles in her film career. She plays the role of Kalyani in Thendral.

The story of this serial revolves around the main character Thulasi (Shruthi Raj) and her best friends, namely Deepa and Kalyani. Thulasi's mom ran away when she was a child and ever since Thulasi's family has shunned her, especially her father and stepmother. The only family member that truly cares for Thulasi is her grandmother. Thulasi's only dream is to continue her studies in order to help her family, but she's faced with trouble in the form of Velayudham (Nizhalgal Ravi). He's a break-inspector and a thug who falls for Thulasi, not to mention he is old enough to be her father (45 years old). He offers 5 Lakhs to Thulasi's father in return for the marriage, frequently blackmailing him with it after. Despite that, her greedy father takes it, planning on using it to pay for his son's further studies in engineering though Thulasi tops the college for her 12th Standard examinations and studies much better than him. Of course Thulasi does not want to marry but due to pressure from her father she is forced to. Soon her marriage night arrives, but not all hope is lost, because soon Tamizharasu (played by Deepak) arrives, and the rest of the story revolves around if he can or not save Thulasi from her marriage. Tamizharasu saves Thulasi from her marriage and helps her for her future studies.

Then the story starts to focus around Tamizharasu's life in addition to Thulasi's. Tamil is supposed to marry Charu, a girl that his mother chose, and his sister will marry Charu's cousin, but Tamil is still in love with Thulasi. Now Tamil has to tell his in laws and mother somehow before it's too late. Tamilarasu's sister Lavanya told Thulasi and her friend Deepa about Tamil's engagement with Charu. Thereafter, Thulasi decides to stay away from Tamil for his own and mothers sake. Tamil now lives in Thulasi's house to escape from the police due to his bank matters. In the house, he expresses how much he loves her (so does she), but she sadly hides her love for the sake of Charu (engaged girl). Now, Muthumanikkam has got Tamizh out of the house, and has asked him to change Charu's and his mum's mind if he wants to marry Thulasi (his daughter). Tamizh's mum went to Thulasi's college and embarrassed her. Tulasi decides to marry Tamizh at the same time so that she can prove to Tamizh's mum that she is a sensible girl. They get married at temple and Charu sees that marriage. They went to get blessing from Thamizh's mum but she cursed both of them. Now the couple live in Muthumanikkam's house and Padma does not like them living there. However, Muthumanikkam asked her to get out of the house with Mohan if she does not want Thulasi and Tamil in the house, so she had to accept.

After that, Thamizh and Thulasi had so many romantic moments such as when they went to look at their new house. Then, Velayutham had a plan to **** Tamil and to make Thulasi a widow so he told a man to **** him but another man came up to Thamizh and pushed him so they had a fight. Tulasi told Tamil to come back to go home, but Tamil refused to and told Thulasi to stay back and that he will deal with it. Instantly, the man pulls a knife out of his backpack and stabs Tamil twice. Thulasi took him to the hospital but she had no money to pay for the operation. Tamizh's Muthumanikkam, Lavanya, Puvi and Sudha are shocked hearing the news. Tamizh's mum cursed and said nasty dialogues about Thulasi badly and pushed her down the corridor (in the hospital), so she had to leave. Muthumanikkam goes back with Thulasi and Patti but she still showed anger towards them. Muthumanikkam could not bear the problems Thulasi had, he has a heart-attack. Padma asked Thulasi and Patti to go to Velayutham's house to ask for money for her husband (Muthumanikkam). Thulasi accepted to do this help.

Meanwhile, Tamizh's operation is finished, and he keeps asking his mom where Thulasi is. Of course his mother does not tell him. Then, Padma calls Tamizh's mom in the hospital and tells her that Thulasi went to Velayutham's house for bad reasons. So Thamizh's mom takes Puvi to Velayutham's house to check and unfortunately at the time she walks out Velayutham is sitting too close to Thulasi, feeding her juice. Thulasi is about to get up but Tamizh's mom sees and gets mad. After cursing at Thulasi again Thamizh's mom goes to the police station and writes a complaint on Thulasi. The officer there promises to take action but does not because he is a friend of Velayutham.

The officer tells Velayutham about the complaint and Velayutham tells him to take action so people think Thulasi is having an affair with him. Then he tricks Thulasi into staying at his friend's house and drugs her milk. She then falls asleep and he takes pictures of himself sleeping beside her, making it seem like they are having an affair. Then he tricks her to sign divorce papers, before she is arrested. When Thamizh's friends find out Thulasi is arrested they try to tell Thamizh at the hospital but Thamizh's mom will not let them go inside. The friends try to explain to Thamizh's mom not knowing Thamizh was listening. Thamizh asks his mom to take him to court so he can testify against Thulasi and his mother is delighted. At court, Thamizh tells the judge about his wife's(Thulasi)innocence and declares in front of everyone that he would never leave his wife, even if Velayutham had ****d her. After Thamizh proves Velayutham guilty and the judge releases Thulasi. Thamizh leaves with Thulasi, Muthumanikkum, Patti and the college students. He goes to the hospital with Thulasi and turns around to see his mom, Lavanya, Puvi and Sudha behind him with sheepish looks on their faces. Thamizh tells them that he does not want to be near them anymore, and tells them that he wants to live happily with his wife only. Sudha lets him know that although it was Thulasi that got Thamizh to the hospital; it was her husband Puvi, that had paid for the surgery. Thamizh smartly lets her now that he had transferred all the money that was spent on his medical charges to their bank account at the moment. Thamizh then tells his mother that if she does not leave; he would have to call the police. Thamizh's family then leaves him. Meanwhile everyone at Charu's house talks about Thamizh's courage and integrity. Charu and her dad do not like this.

Charu's dad is furious it is revealed that he was the one who tried to **** Thamizh, but no one knows this yet. Charu goes to Thamizh's house to suck up to his mom. When she gets back, she is really mad that her ex-fiance likes his wife so much. She reads the paper and learns all the sweet things Thamizh said about his wife. She rips up the paper and calls Thulasi at the hospital. Thulasi suspects Charu was jealous, and talks with an edge in her voice. Then Charu tells Thulasi about trying to get the family back together. Although Thulasi is fooled and listens, she determines Charu is jealous because Charu sneakily suggests Thulasi has a fight with Tamizh if he does not agree to talk to his mother again. Being restless, Charu visits Thamizh in hospital. There he was enjoying the beauty of his sleeping wife. Charu enters into the room, Thamizh asked her not to awake Thulasi but by slipping a water bottle cunningly she wakes her up. Charu understand by the sight of Thulasi that she did not like her presence. After a while Deepa arrived to see Thulasi and asked her to come and attend the special class in college. Thulasi feels reluctant to leave her husband. Charu says that she will take care of him.

A duty doctor (Gokul) came and mistook Charu as his wife after both of them says that they are not couple, doctor apologises, as he want to check Thamizh he suggests Charu to leave. By the comment Charu became furious and says how thick their friendship is. Somehow, Thamizh convinced her to wait outside. Thamizh told her do not mention every mishap happening in their life to every one. She agreed and took leave when his friends Kanagu and Joseph came. The police officer came to Thamizh and says that a man came and surrendered in the police station for stabbing him and showed him a photo and asked him that if it is a man who stabbed him. Thamizh got confused and says he is confused. The officer says he will arrange for a parade and leaves the place. Thamizh calls the Sub Inspector who helps him a lot in his needy situation. He told S.I that he knows the man who tries to **** him by his face. Photo that shown to him is not the accust. Thamizh told him that he cannot believe the officer and asked him to interrogate about the person who really wants to **** him. S.I promised him to do so. By his interrogations he understands that Veeraraghavan, Charu's father is the person who gave money to the professional ****er to **** Tamizh. Tamizh is discharged from hospital and now he lives with his wife in a new house; they are Anand's neighbours.

The first day they went to the new house, Tamizh's friends, Thulasi's friends, Patti, Muthumanikkam and Anand's parents celebrate with "pal kachal" function. Charu also visit them during Tamizh and Thulasi share a romantic moment. She gives the couple a night lamp and puts in a their bedroom. Deepa, Kalyani and Patti knows about Charu's true colour (they do not tell Tamizh or Thulasi), but Tamizh and Thulasi still do not know whether to believe Charu or not as they have guilty feelings towards Charu. Thilaga visits Thulasi and Patti (when Tamizh is not there) and says sorry for all the bad things her brother did for Thulasi. However, Thulasi says not to worry about anything and Patti says lets not talk about the past now. Thilaga adds that Thulasi is very lucky to get a very good husband and says Tamizh will take so much care of her. Both Patti and Thulasi are really happy. Thamizh and Thulasi request Thilaga to give her father's house papers to her father himself. Thamizh goes with the nice police officer and interrogates with Veeraraghavan. After emotionally blackmailing him, Veeraraghavan accepts for Nitheesh and Lavanya wedding.

Thamizh's mother plans an engagement for her daughter Lavanya with another guy. She ultimately accepts, due to her mom's emotional blackmail. Thulasi and Thamizh share a lovely moment at night at home by themselves. Thulasi accidentally knocks down Charu's lamp (so good for her). Thanks to Kanagu's call, Charu's line gets cut. Out of frustration of calls, Thamizh switches off his cell and the current goes off, leaving Thamizh and Thulasi together (awww.FN). The next morning, Thamizh makes bed coffee for Thulasi. Murugesan's wife and brother visit him pleading for not getting arrested for his ****** attempt. They confess their mistakes and tell Thamizh that they will go to the bank with him and confess their wrongdoings and as well pay back the money they stole. Thamizh and Thulasi are happy that he will get his job back. Thulasi gets ready to go to college. Nitheesh's family plans the wedding for him with Lavanya, but Charu and Veeraraghavan show their disgust and may have other plans in mind. All is well for Thulasi and her beloved hubby, Thamizharasu, as of now.Meanwhile Shyamala,the daughter of a "rowdy" is in love with Anand,shyamala meets him when he is caught by his brother for beating his brother. She calls.After that Tamil sister marriage stopped.but nobody accepts their crime.In the mean time two friends of Tamil who attended reception of Tamil sister left to attend anand's marriage in tirupati before the problem starts.

Lavanya decides to commit suicide since her wedding was stopped and Charu saves her. This sends Lavanya's mother to the hospital. Charu and Thamizh marry off Lavanya and Niteesh secretly and they go to their mother in the hospital to get her blessings. At the same time Thulasi was taking care of her mother in law Bhuvana the deen of the hospital (as well as Thulasi's mother-Thulasi does not know this) comes in uninformed and disturbs them, Thulasi got anxious and shouted at bhuvana for her misbehaviour Bhuvana leaves the place anxiously. TA, Charu and the newly married couple comes to the hospital, an incharge in the hospital asked them to leave as the visiting hours are over and the incharge reminds about the incident between Thulasi and Bhuvana. Tamil asks Thulasi to ask sorry to Bhuvana but she regrets it. Then Charu asks for permission to Bhuvana she allows her as she knew Charu very well. Then after seeing their mother and getting blessings they decide to go to the house of nitheesh. When they just arrive their nitheesh parents do not allow them and curses them. Then they leave the place and go to TA's house where at the same time Deepa reminds Thulasi about Charu's character.

A side track of Bhuvana and her husband is taking place. Lakshman is not her legal husband, only Sundari is his legal wife. Bhuvana married him illegally. Muthumanikkam's friend Mari has found out that his real first wife (not Padma) is Bhuvana. Which means Thulasi's 'run away' mother is Bhuvana. To our surprise, Thulasi has another step-brother: Prabhakar. Prabhakar is in love with Deepa but she regrets his love and says only studies and looking after her family is important at the moment. At the same time, Kanagu also loves her and she gives the same feedback. He does not seem to leave her and tries all the best to win her heart. He has now opened a new restaurant and has started a new business.

Charu goes to TA's house for one purpose...to kick Thulasi out and make herself the new lady of the household. When she reveals this to TA's mom she goes along with it happily. So Charu watches every moment Thulasi and TA are together and somehow tries to separate them. When Thulasi wanted to go to her friend's house to pick up notes with TA on his bike, Charu and TA's mom stop them by saying that Niteesh asked to borrow the bike that morning. Meanwhile, Thulasi confronts TA saying that she suspects Charu of trying to split them up and he tells her not to. Thulasi now seems confused! Charu leaves foreign after making arrangements for trouble in thulasi and TA's life.

Tulasi and Tamil suffer lot of financial problems!

Now Thulasi and Tamil lives with Sudha, Puvi & Tamil's mother, because Puvi helped Thulasi to settle all the lent money !!! Tamil works at Puvi's Shop
Lavanya is pregnant now. So her mother came to Nitheesh's house to see her. Nitheesh's mother overhears the talk of lavanya and her mom about separating thulasi and make Tamil and Charu live together. Nitheesh's mom tells that to Nitheesh and Nitheesh gets angry and shouts at Lavanya. Despite acting sorry she leaves home angrily and reaches her mom's house. There her mind is poisoned by her mom.

Meanwhile Bhuvana and Laxman are tortured by Dharman.

Nitheeesh tries to contact Lavanya as he needs to take her to hospital for check up.But Lavanya's mother is not allowing her to pick his call. Lavanya went to hospital with his mother. But the doctor is telling her to leave her ego since that is good for her baby. Now Lavanya wants to go to Nitheesh. But her mother tells her only if Nitheesh or mother-in-law or father-in-law comes and calls her she should go.

On seeing this, thulasi went to Nitheesh's house and ask lavanya's mother-in-law and father-in-law to call lavanya again to their home. But they refused. And Thulasi convinces them by saying that it is only for baby's good. So they agreed and send nitheesh to call lavanya. Nitheesh's mother tries to tell thulasi about thulasi's mother-in-law desire to separate thulasi and Tamil and marry Tamil to charu. But Nitheesh's father stopped her. So thulasi went to home.

There Nitheesh came and took lavanya to his home. When lavanya's mother ask him to come inside and take some coffee, he rejected and went. On seeing this, thulasi smiled since some days before lavanya's mother didnt allow her father and grand ma into her house for placing some furnitures bought for thulasi.On seeing her smile, she got angry and scolded her.But thulasi said she needs to study.

Tamil is also facing some problems in puvi's shop coz of his character. But thulasi asks him to adjust and work in the shop. On hearing this Tamil's mother shout at her and ask her to go to her room. Then she speak with Tamil about thulasi badly and her rasi. She asks Tamil to take thulasi to kalahasthi without writing her exams. But Tamil rejected the plan. now Tamil is ouyt of puvis shop as when the politicians cum to collect money ta rejected and he is out of the shop. ta tries to explain the cause of his deed is for good but puvi was angry and tells him to go out. later even tulasi tries to convince but he doesnt hears . sudha also told to join TA but this tym puvi is stubborn.. later TA meets charus friend. and he is with a plan of starting business and hand over it to Tamil. this is also planned by charu. later he also adds that he is in love with charu and Tamil shuld help him unite with her. everything is planned well by charu.

When Tamil is with Charu's friend in bangalore for his business, tulasi calls tamil to chennai for their wedding day. But charu initially didnt allow him to go to chennai. Instead through his friend he made tamil to go to Bombay. But after talking to tamil charu asks him to go to chennai for the wedding day But she asks him not to tell tulasi about this.So it will be a surprise for her And tamil is going to chennai.

At the same time Thulasi got a letter about charu's attitude from an unknown person. So she was in anger with charu and Sudha asks her to talk to charu.So tulasi calls charu and scolds her. When Tamil enters home, charu calls tamils mom and tells about tulasi's call. Hearin gthis tamil got angry and he was about to go back to b'lore. But at the same time tulasi's friends came and take the couple for party. They spend the whole day with their friends and came back. But tamil is still in anger with tulasi.Also charu avoiding speaking with tamil and tulasi. Charu makes his friend to send tamil out of the job. Lavanya also talks ill of tulasi when lavanya's father in law asks tamil to join with lavanyas husband in his own business.

Tamil is very much in angry with thulasi since she scolded charu. Thulasi cant convince him in this regard. Thulasi and Tamil moved to bangalore for tamil's job. This is also planned by charu. thulasi didnt want to leave his studies. But since she cant say no to tamil's question of "Is it tamil or college?" she agreed to go to Bangalore and they are stayng in Service apartments in bangalore. Everything planned by charu. But after this Thulasi's friend deepa tells her not to fight against charu to tamil. Only if she supports charu, she can convince tamil. So thulasi told tamil that she is not in angry with charu. She understands her mistake. Now Tamil is feeling happy that thulasi changed her attitude towards charu. Charu's parents are very much comfortable with tulasi. Charu feels like her plans of making tulasi feels bad by making her stay alone in bangalore are not working well. Since tulasi spends her time in charu's home itself.

Keshav goes to visit thulasi after tamil has left home for work and tells her that thinks that charu is still in love with tamil. He says that if tamil and she left to chennai then charu will be able to forget them and be happy with charu. Keshav calls tamil and thulasi to a park to speak about this. Keshav speaks totally shocking things about thulasi that she is still doubting charu. Charu and keshav play a big game and tamil once again gets very annoyed with thulasi and brings her back to chennai.

In chennai, tamil's mother curses her to die and asked her to leave the house. While tamil was not opposing to his mother's words, she gets angry and goes to kalyani's house. Kalyani's mother advises her to go to her father's house, so mohan comes to take her to his house. Thulasi's step mother is very happy with the whole thing and she is acting to be very good with thulasi and says that she has changed hher character but is plotting to spoil her life and make her stay away from her husband. Thulasi is back to college an dcharu is close with tamil.


  • Shruti Raj as Thulasi(female protagonist)(tamizh's wife)
  • Deepak Dinkar as Tamizh(male protagonist)(thulasi's husband)
  • Shyamala as Shyamala (Anand's wife)
  • Sadhana as Padma (Thulasi's step mother)
  • Iyyappan as Mohan (Thulasi's step brother)
  • Sujitha as Pavithra (Thulasi's step sister)
  • S. N. Lakshmi as Patti (Thulasi's grandmother)
  • Rajasekhar as Varatharaajan (Deepa's dad)
  • Shanthi Williams as (Tamizharasu's mother)
  • Neelima Rani as Lavanya (Tamizh's sister)
  • Shyam Sundar as Nitheesh (Lavanya's husband, Charulatha's cousin)
  • Anthony as Puviarasu (Tamizh's brother)
  • Kavitha as Pooja (Puviarasu's daughter)
  • Aishwarya as Bhuvaneshwary (First wife of Muthumanikkam, Thulasi's mother)
  • Adams as Prabhakar (Bhuvaneshwary's son)
  • K.R Vatsala as Thilaga (Velayudham's sister)
  • Yuvarani as Thirupura Sundhari (New Bank Manager)
  • Swaminathan as Vengadachalam (Old Bank Manager)
  • Ramesh as Chandru (Thulasi's collegemate)
  • Illavarasan as Vishwa (Ganja party)
  • Sridhar Janakiraman (****er)
  • T. S. Murali as Laxman (Thripuradari's first husband & Bhuvana's second husband)
  • Sudha (Puviarasu's wife)
  • Keshav-Prasad (Charu's friend)
  • Kanagu (thamizh friend)
  • Joseph (thamizh friend)

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Kasturi & Thirumathi Selvam

Kasturi is the story of a woman whose fate was penned down by her own father who never believed in the significance of education of a girl child and ruined her opportunities to be a true woman of a substance. It is indeed a saga of a woman who had lost her mother as a kid and unfortunately had a father who saw her nothing more than somebody who can be fit only for the regular household work. He was such a tyrant that he forcibly disallowed her going to school when she was just seven years old. At such tender age, when most kids would be busy attending school & playing, Kasturi was confined to the four walls of kitchen. For Kasturi, her house & the village represented the entire world, which could not offer her anything substantial in life. On other hand Rama well educated boy holding a plush job as a software engineer dreams about getting married to an equally brilliant, smart & educated woman. He would often tease his female colleagues about their looks and used to criticize them sarcastically. He has an absolute high expectation about his life partner. But destiny had something else stored for Ram and there comes an unexpected move in his life and the story takes a real twist. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, he's been forced to marry Kasturi, which absolutely shatters him. Further to add to his misery, he actually meets his soul mate, somebody whom he has always dreamt of and who fits his description of an ideal wife which further deteriorates the situation. You need to wait and watch the high voltage melodrama, which takes place in Ram and Kasturi's life. Viewers will have numerous unanswered questions in their mind such as Will Ram restrain himself and have a peaceful married life?? or Will their marriage be successful?? Or Will Ram ever accept, Kasturi as his true-life partner?? And many more.. So watch out for an unusual story of Kasturi which will surely make you move emotionally.

Thirumathi Selvam

About The Show


Selvam is a Machanic decided not to get married because he works hard for his family as the sole bread winner of the family. He gives up his studies and makes his younger brother and younger sister to further their higher education.
He falls in love with Archanna after seeing her in a temple. For his marriage proposal he has been goaded to utter a lie that he is an engineering graduate. After the marriage, the true colour of Selvam comes to known to the entire family and they all start hating him including his wife Archana who refuses to live with him.
Did Archana understand's the love of Selvam and she decides to live with him? In the coming week the story moves around how both the couple takes challenge to fight against their problem in order to live happily.

Cast List

"Sethu" Abitha- Archana
Peeli Sivam- Narayan
"Vizhuthugal" Santhanam- Sivarama Krishnan
Birla Bose-Vinod

Character Sketch

Eldest child in the family. Extra ordinary good hearted soul, gave-up the education and took-up the family burdens on his shoulders at such a small age. A secret is kept away from him that he is the son of his father's first wed. Works as a mechanic. Happily accepts all the hardships for his family, and never suspect his mum's (step mum) intentions, that she likes the money he brought home more than him. He didn't think about a life for his own, even when a good hearted rich girl Nandhini loved him sincerely. But when he saw archana, he fell for her, head over heels. With circumstantial pressure, he lied about his profession to marry her, though he try to tell the truth to archana, but because of a plot, that attempt failed. His lying about his profession dug a deep hole between husband and wife from the day one of their marriage. He patiently bears all of archana's insults, and swallow his mum-in-low's hatred, because of the love he has on Archana. Will he ever win a place in archana's heart? Will he be able to live a life of his dreams with the love of his life?

Sivagami amma & SRK's daughter, A quiet, kind and, soft spoken girl, gave-up her studies to take care of the family due to her mum's illness. It seems no one except mum realizes the sacrifice she made for her family. She gets enormous hurt when refused by the grooms as she is not educated and silently bears all the insults and bullying of her sisters and sister-in-law. But Never complained about anything, her only solace is her mum, she's not only affectionate but worships her mum, Archana's only dream was to marry a well educated person, and she believes that will silence the spiteful words from the family members, She was on the moon when engineer Selvam likes to marry her, but she crashed from the heights, when she came to know the truth on the day of their mariage, her husband is not an engineer, but a mechanic. More than that, he systematically lied to marry her. When she forced to come and live at her husban's house, she's reluctant to hear any of his explanations, about his lying and, started to take a secret revenge on him, by denied his rights as a husband and shoot him with poisonous words quite often. Will she ever forgive her husband? And is there any happiness waits for her in the future?

Selvams family:
Narayan (Periappa)

Poongavanam's elder brother, a very nice person in all aspects, much respected by his brother poonga's family. a young widower, raised selvam like his own son so has extra affection on selvam than rani and vasu. Because of poonga's irresponsible behaviour as a father and husband, narayan was the father figure for poonga's kids, and a periyavar and solving problems in the family for bhagyam. He kept a secret away from selvam along with poonga and bhayam. Will he keep this secret for ever?


A Father of three children. But most of the time behaves as a kid himself with his, irresponsible behaviour. Often claims he got seventh sense, but most of the times, his actions shows, he has no sense at all. A happy go lucky man, never realizes his responsibilities as a husband or a father, his addiction to alcohol overshadows his good qualities. Has high respect on his elder brother. He loves his children and his daughter-in-law archana. Even though at times, he realizes his wife's selfish intentions and selvam's sacrifices, he never put himself, into action to sort out things or ease off the burden of selvam, as pongavanm's feeling for the family members are momentary or in other words another till he faces his next biggest problem that is non other than, making arrangements for his next gulp of alcohol. Will he ever realize the responsibility as a head of the family?

Wife of Poongavanam, has three children altogether, including a stepson. The meaning of her name refers fortunate, but she is not that fortunate, as she married to a very irresponsible man whom had a baby son in hand. She didn't get any financial or emotional support from her husband at any time. Whether she is selfish and narrow minded in nature or her husband's irresponsible behaviour turned her a selfish person, is a debatable question. Her goal in life is to show both of them a bright future. For that she can go to any unacceptable length. To provide that she uses her stepson as a stepping stone, She doesn't ashamed at any time for her actions. As she stopped Selvam's schooling and sent him to a garage as an assistant when he was 12yrs old or get all his income without a penny for himself. When her Children Vasu and Rani come with education her stepson, gone down with increased debts. Bhagyam uses love and affection as a weapon to control selvam, she try to get profit in Selvam's marriage as well. When Bhagyam suspecs archana become a threat for her control on her stepson, she sees archana as an obstacle, selvam's genuine affection on her and the family or his willful sacrifices failed to evoke any guilt in her. In her eyes, selvam is always a money growing tree. Will she ever felt guilt for how she treated selvam? Will she feel as a real mum for selvam in her life??


Poongavanam and Bhagyam's son. A degree holder, but never think about his brother's hardships for the family or realizes he should get a job and and share his brother's burdens. Quite often lies and get money from his brother selvam and doesn't have the guilt for that even a bit. He has both of his parent's personalities, irresponsible as his father, selfish as his mother. More of a playboy. Cheated a number of girls and selvam was beaten up by one girl's dad and relatives in the mistaken identity. When he met revathy, as usual he wants to cheat her, but by the time he too fall in love with her. When the love matter came to light, revathy's dad beat him up and he ended up in the hospital in serious condition , because of the persuasion of the family he told he will forget revathy and move on with his life. Now he wanted to get a government job which is his dream. Is he really changed and forget revathy? Will he get his dream job?

Poongavanam bhagyam's youngest child, a pet for elder brother selvam, very responsible girl, studying at the college. She is the one who shows real affection and concern in her brother selvam at their household. Sincerely wants him to be happy with his wife, and does whatever she can for that within her limits. Will she be able to sort things between selvam and archana?

Archana's family


Archana's dad, sivagami amma's husband. A sobre man in nature. He sees life in a more practical way, and discouraged his wife's high hopes for their daughter archana's marriage to prevent the heart breaks aftermath. When he came to know that the groom they have looked for archana, wasn't an engineer but a mechanic, he compromised with the lie and hide that truth from his family till the marriage. As far as he's concerned, he wanted his girl looked after by her husband and that was important for him, he believed selvam, (the groom they've looked for archana ) was the best. Totally forgotten how his daughter would taken, that her husband lied and marry her! Even though he knows his wife takes wrong decisions and says wrong words in their daughter archana's matter most of the time, he hasn't go against his wife's word as to keep the peace in the house. Will he ever be able to make his wife understand the right and the wrong?

A mum of four kids, and blessed with a good husband, she has a special affection on the second child archana, as she willingly accept the duty to run the family at such a young age when sivagami amma fell ill. Sivagami amma had an ambition in her mind about archana's marriage, that was, to get marry archana to a well educated groom, Because sivagami amma wanted to show her gratidude for archana because of the sacrifice she made as dropped her studies for take care of the family, She's the one who chooses the groom, an good looking engineer for achana, but when she came to know, the groom she has choosen for her daughter and now became her daughter's husband was a mechanic, she couldn't accept that deceit. She was completely lost and couldn't recover from the heart break. She hated her son-in-law and his family the most, Even though she knows her-son-inlaw selvam has so many good qualities, she's reluctant to accept that, and doesn't want to realize her hatred towards her son-in-law affects her beloved daughter's life dramatically. Will she ever accept selvam as her son-in-law or will she realize the mistakes she made driven by emotions hurts her daughter, whom she loves most in the world?


Eldest child of four in sivaraman's family, and an elder brother of three sisters. An affectionate son and brother. Very responsible person. He'd prepare to do anything for his family and his sisters. At that extent he dared to take the office money, for the sake of his sister arcana's marriage without any hindrance. without the knowledge of jayanthy's cunning personality he mistakenly brought jayanthy into his family as wife. Because of her shrewdness and vengence the family suffered a lot hardships, especially vinod's sister archana. And vinod's short temper also another reason for the problems. Out of anger he chased jayanthy from the house when he come to know her plan for get archana for her brother. That was the main reason for jayanthy's ever ending vengeance on archana. Even though vinod gets angry very easily and slaps his wife quite often, he never kept the passed things in his mind. So he hasn't got any doubt on his evil wife. How is he going to handle, when he come to know his wife's true nature?

DIL of sivaraman family, Vinod's wife and mum of a kid. A selfish and cunning person in nature, because Ninod loved jayanthy and married her without the knowledge of the house, Jayanthy was a unwelcomed DIL for Sivagami amma. She learnt to survive in that house and Sivagami amma's unpleasant comments, by not to adjust herself, but with the shrewdness. Treat her sister-in-law Archana as a servant, and quite often bully her for no reason. She has become her mum Sindhamani's accomplice, when Sindhamani try to get Archana as her daughter-in-law for her rowdy son. This evil duos plan collapsed when Sindhamani's criminal son arrested by police in a drug dealing case. Vinod chased his wife out of the house for her unfaithfulness towards his family, as she hide the truth her brother was a jail bird and his criminal activities. She was taken back to the house because of Archana's tiredless persuation to her mum and brother. In return Jayanthy wanted to ruin Archana's life and doesn't want Archana to have a peaceful married life. She is the right hand of her mum in the process of sabotaging Archana's life, in that, she never bother to lie to her husband. And never has guilt over her insincerity. Will she ever realize as a duty of a true DIL ? How will she deal, if vinod come to know her disastrous acts in Archana's life?


Sivaraman, sivagami amma's third child, intelligent, educated and confident girl, and very proud of her intelligence but that gave her arrogance, with that she often bullyied and treated her elder sister archana as a servant earlier. Mum's extra affection towards archana too, was one of her reason for her behaviour towards archana. She once walked away from her home and ended up in a hostel, during her stay at the hostel along with some events in the office, she learnt how cruel and indecent people can be in the name of modernity. She got an extra respect on her brother-in-law selvam after he rescued her from a evil minded stalker ram. And from that onwards she realizes the comfort of the home, siblings and parents. She for the first time fell in love with a person, who happened to be her brother vinod's MD named Dhileepan. But that love didn't have a life when she came to know dhileepan wants only the true friendship with her and he is in love with another girl. Will she have a chance with the man she loved?


Youngest child of Mr & Mrs.Sivaraman, studying at the same college where selvam's sister rani studys, very talkative, ill treated her elder sister archana earlier just ike her other sister kavya did earlier. Now realizes archana's good nature, talk things without thinking at times and it lead, sivagami amma pushed selvam out of the house. Will she be able to control her words when she supposed to do so?
Other Characters:

Mother of two, a daughter Jayanthy, and a son Dheena. A very vicious, cunning lady in nature. She has her own laws and own judgements, in short, the general good rules in the world never existed in her book. Has a grudge on her son-in-law vinod and his family as she believed they illtreated her when she lied and try to get married to vinod's sister archana to her good for nothing son. When that marriage proposal got collspsed and vinod's famiy came to know, her lies they chase her out of the house. Instead of feeling guilt, she was ready to ruin an innocent girl future, she get vengeance on archana, as she interpreted, that archana was the reason for all her disgrace. From that onwards, she has a goal to sabotage archana's life. And she uses her daughter jayanthy for an asthram for the purpose. She has the ability to manipulate people and situations according to her favour and make sure her every move has a disastering effect on archana's marital life. In her journey to achieve her vicious goal she caused a number of casualties, kavitha, a friend of jayanthys, went to jail, bhagyam selvam's mum, suffered financially.
Will she achieve her vicious goal at some point?

Selvam's child hood friend, an auto driver by profession. An exemple for a true friend, the person who knows all about selvam in and out. And gives a shoulder whenever selvam seeks solace. Sees archana as his own sister, and try his utmost to reunite the couple. Never think twice to do any help for selvam. At that extent, he got a loan against his wife's jewels and his auto, and gave the money to selvam. Will he sees his friend happy in life??


A well educated, decent, good natured guy. Only child for his parents. Manager of a firm, where vinod works. Eventhough he has soft corners, at times he can be really tough. He came across two girls in his life, one of whom he loves, (dharshini) and he believes she loves him too, the other one, kavya, who he came to know loves him, but he believes that he likes only her friendship. Will he marry the girl he thought he loves? Or the destiny has other plans for him?

Dhileepan's cosin and wud be. A selfish and ignorant type of girl in nature. A team leader in an IT company and the direct boss to kavya. Sees kavya as a competition in dhileepan's matter, because she knew kavya's one sided love on dhileepan. Even after kavya came to know about dharshini and changed her mind over dhileepan, dharshini is not ready to let things go. Dhileepan's high opinion about kavya, pours fuel to the fire, so dharshini stooped to lower level to shed mud on kavya as an attempt to pull her out from dhileepan's good book. Will dharshini's plans backfire to her at some point??


A kind hearted girl. Only child of a wealthy business man. Childhood friend of selvam. Sincerely loved selvam for years eventhough she knew he doesn't have any romantic interest on her. Try her utmost to make him turn towards her. When she failed and selvam marrys archana, she wanted him to be happy in his life. She stood as a pillar there and defeat sindhamani and jayanthys plans to stop the wedding. Even after selvam's marriage she wanted to live in his memories, but another good guy came across in her life. And love her dearly. With her dad's and selvam's persuation she married sezhiyan, and gone away. Will she come back? Will she be able to sort the things out for selvam and archana?


A kind, calm and soft natured person. Born with a silver spoon. Only child of a millionaire. Very well educated. Fell in love with nandhini at the first sight. Even after he come to know, the girl he loved, had a love failure earlier his love towards her didn't fade. And didn't giveup his attempts to make her understand the reality and accept him in her life. At last he won, and married nandhini. Will his love for her be the same ever?
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