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Old 12-04-2009, 11:44 AM
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Default Why Don’t You Have an Interesting Website?v

What is it that makes a website appealing? The content of course, as you may have heard many times before, the easy part is getting someone to look at your website and the hard part is getting them to stay there.

What I see happening more and more over the internet is people selling or offering a service that appeals to a single market. Websites are optimized to promote that service and nothing else… why?

As I have discovered the internet and its structure I have also discovered what keeps people coming back and what makes them sit there for 30 minutes browsing through pages as if they had nothing better to do. That is what I feel every web

developer should be hoping for. The more enticed a surfer is, the more likely they are to remember your site and product. Even if they are not remotely interested in what you offer they may know someone who is, word of mouth is a powerful tool as far as sales go.

Now for the nitty gritty, what can you do to make your website an appealing place to snoop around when things are quiet in the office? Say you are in the Cellular phone industry, huge market with huge competition and now you have to make your website stand out.

1: Google “Cell phone facts”
2: Google “Fun Cell phone facts”

Not much along the lines of interesting or fun? So why not launch an all out search for things about cell phones that people don’t know? Where did it start? Is there an animal that uses cell phones? What is the general life span of a cell phone?

Pull in about 20 of these and you can rotate them daily or even weekly on your homepage to give you an extra edge and make your site interesting. Bonus being, your site gets

spidered more often due to the changing content and this may improve your chances of getting indexed under a variety of keywords.

What if your site could become a resource? Children all over the world do projects on cell phones, they type in “what is a cell phone” where are you? Your site can be right under “how stuff works” and “wikipedia”, its not a tough key phrase so wing it.

Make sure you provide decent and useful information… spamming a key phrase will only upset potential customers… always think about what they may be telling friends or family about your site.

Grab as many stats for as many cell phones as you can off the net, pull in any information… be it features, uses, risks, complaints etc and document them on your website in its own section.

Remember, on a website, every page is unique. Different pages can have different tags, keywords, descriptions and content so make every

page unique… you find Samsung facts don’t get you much traffic but Nokia could pull in thousands… why not have them both just to be safe? Or if you want to go to the next extreme, try different pages for different models of phone.

The idea, although seemingly centered on cell phones, is general and can be applied to any market. The key is making numerous pages with unique content and keeping your homepage updated.

- Alexa enjoys fresh content
- The more pages you have, the more pages get indexed
- The amount of people likely to find you is greatly improved
- Word of mouth generates better sales
- The variety of content on a single market leaves you more likely to get back links.

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