Sheril G Kadavan in the last few months, the internet has been hit by a storm – It started with a catchy Malayalam number titled – Jimmiki Kammal in 2017. The beats, the crazy lyrics, the chorus had everyone humming and dancing to around the world! Even Jimmy Kimmel was asked to hear the song and he went on to love it. The song was even performed on an international dance show. The song became an internet sensation and it didn’t even star Mohanlal. In 2018, yet another Malayalam song has gone viral – Manikya Malaraya Poovi. While the song strikes s a chord for its melodious tunes, an audio clip from the song has gone viral. There is a scene where a girl and a boy from high school exchange an unspoken conversation. In just a minute, they convey multiple emotions that leave your heart melting. Especially the girl who arches her eyebrows, innocently flirts and plays coy – all at the same time. The song has been a topic of discussion ever since. But guess what, we found an interesting connection between the two. Read on to find out…Also Read: Meet Priya Varrier, the girl who is melting hearts with just one wink in the Malyalam song Manikya Malaraya Poovi

Turns out, both these gems have a common singer and that is Vineet Srinivasan – Renowned actor SreeniVaasan’s son. Vineet is not just a singer but also an actor and director! Talk about being multi-faceted! He has sung both songs. Looks like he is the new lucky mascot for viral songs! Priya Prakash Varrier has become a sensation overnight thanks to this song. Sheril G Kadavan became one after Jimmiki Kamal. So, both these viral songs have a special connection.
If you haven’t heard them already, here you go:

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