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Default What To Eat During Mahashavratri Fast

Mahashivratri 2018: What To Eat During Mahashavratri Fast

Dos and Don'ts of Mahashivratri 2018 Fast

Mahashivratri is celebrated by Hindus across the world to honor Shiva. It is one of the most important festivals in India. People visit Shiva temples to worship and appease the God with prayer and offerings. Night vigils and fasting are an important part of Mahashivratri festival. Usually, people eat fruits and drink water or milk during the fast but many people opt to stay away from any food or drink. They fast without even drinking water. Mahashivratri fast is observed with utmost diligence and it is believed that if you complete the fast and night vigil sincerely, then Shiva will bless him with happiness and prosperity. The day starts with a visit to the nearby Shiva temple to offer milk, bael leaves and fruits. Many people also offer sweets, curd and honey. People observe fast through the day and night. During the night, devotees chant hymns for Shiva and perform puja. They also give a holy bath to the shivling. The next day, people consume a meal after performing puja. The fast observed on Mahashivratri is stringent, so here are the do’s and don’ts of Mahashivratri fast. (ALSO READ Maha Shivratri Recipe: How to Make Panchamrit Prasad For Maha Shivratri 2018).

Mahashivratri diet tips

You should abstain from pulses, table salt and cereals like wheat and rice.
You can eat non-cereal foods like boiled potatoes and fruits.
If you are having potatoes, do not add turmeric, garlic or onion.
You need to use rock salt or sendha namak instead of the regular table salt for cooking.
You can have fruits, milk and water on this day.
The special diet followed by devotees on Mahashivratri is known as phalar. You can have sabudana khichdi or dished made of sago or tapioca. Halva made of water chestnut flour or singhara aatta, sama ke chawal, puri made of buckwheat or kuttu and pumpkin soup.

You can drink milk, water or thandai. You can make the delicious thandai drink by adding a thandai powder, which is made by mixing peppercorn, cardamom, almonds, poppy seeds and fennel seeds. The drink is will not only keep you hydrated but will also act as coolant for your body.

You can also have boiled sweet potato, aloo tikki without spices and paneer.

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