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Savitri Devi is young at heart

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Default Savitri Devi is young at heart

Having played various characters, seasoned actress Suhasini Muley has now settled for roles that appeal to her creative instinct. Currently seen as Savitri Devi, Maan and Devís grandmother in STAR Oneís Geet, the actress is enjoying everyday of the shoot. Her character is of an elegant , wealthy lady, who holds the reins of the Khurana household.

Her grandchildren are her weakness, but when the time demands she can transform into a strong-willed lady. The actress, who has won four National Awards for her documentaries, got into acting for its monetary benefits . She tells us about her character on the show and how it is to be single in real life when you have passed your prime.

What prompted you to take up Geet?
The character of Savitri Devi is distinct from other characters of her age currently on-air. She isnít a weak lady, who will sit before the altar and shed copious tears praying for her familyís happiness, nor is she nasty. Savitri Devi is a fun-loving and spunky lady, who dreams to see her grandson get married.

What, in particular, draws you to a role?
My character has to have some relation with the central characters Ė male or female lead. I believe if you are related to the central character, your character will advertently or inadvertently evolve along with the main character. I donít want to play a character of a overly religious grandmother nor do I wish to play a preachy person . Such characters donít appeal to me.

What do you like about Geetís character?
Geet is a very cute and perky girl, who is very honest. She is a village girl, who will win you over with her honesty and simplicity.

There are many girls in the same situation as Geet in the country. What advice would you give them?
Office politics that Geet is facing is faced by everyone in the country, irrespective of gender. My advise would be that, if you are good at your job then you donít have to be scared. At the same time, you canít be despondent about it.

You need to be strong and fight the situation you are in. But before taking any unnecessary action, you need to introspect and figure out why you are the only one vulnerable to such a situation. Similarly, if youíre in a jilted marriage, then you need to try and rectify the error. If nothing helps, then take a deep breath and walk out.

Personally too you are associated with many NGOs. Tell us about that.
I have been associated with many organizations, but currently I am actively involved with just one organisation named Pak - India People's Forum for Peace and Democracy (PIPFPD). The is a group which is serving the cause of peace between India and Pakistan.

We discuss everything right from sensitive issues like Kashmir to governance and militarisation. We expect the countries to have more meaningful dialogues. Acting consumes most of my time, so I have not been able to work actively with other NGOs. I just donate money for the cause they represent. Donating money exhausts lesser energy than donating time.

Which of your grandchildren are you closer to on the show?
Dadi Maa is obviously closer to Maan because she sees her reflection in him. Dadi, in her prime, was as stubborn as Maan. There is a connection between my character and Mann which makes their relationship unique and beautiful.

He also happens to be my favourite character probably because I have more scenes with him and I have a better understanding of his character. He is good-looking, intelligent and successful. Gurmeet is doing an excellent job as Maan on the show. His face tends to soften on the show without the slightest change in his expressions, which is something I appreciate the most about the actor in him.

What stand will you take when you come to know that Dev has destroyed a girlís life?
I donít know how dadi will react to it. Currently, she thinks that her grandchildren can do no wrong. She wants all of them to remain united and stay under the same roof at any cost. But she is also aware that Dev isnít a saint and when she comes to know about the treatment meted out to Geet by him, she might stand by the girl.

How is the experience working with young actors like Karishma Rendhava (Nayantara), Gurmeet (Maan), Abhinav Shukla (Dev) and Drishti Dhami (Geet)?
I have always worked with younger actors on all the shows I have done so far. I like shooting with them and eventually befriend them. My younger co-actors from my shows still call me and we go out to party and have fun. I have just started knowing the actors on Geet, but I am sure all of us will start hanging out very soon

Whatís your advise for young actors such as them trying to reach where you are?
You have to really work hard to reach the top. In any creative field chances of failure are higher than the chances of tasting success. This is an industry that absorbs you completely. You are working here for at least 16 hours a day without creating a fuss about it. If you donít have the fire in your belly to make it to the top, then please donít come here.

Do you think television in India has grown in terms of quality?
Yes. Stories that you currently see on television arenít regressive as compared to a few years ago. You don't find women tolerating the atrocities meted out by her husband lying low and still praise him in front of the world. They stand up for themselves and fight back the injustice.

You have played several strong roles and have excelled in them. Which one have you liked the most?
I like the wheelchair-bound character I played in Piya Ka Ghar. By the end I could operate the wheelchair so smoothly that I started roaming around the sets sitting in it. Also because the character has grey shades to it, it was a lot of fun playing her. I donít want to play those sugar- coated characters. In fact, my desire is to play a vamp on a show.

You are single in real life. Didnít you ever feel the need to marry?
I wanted to know how it feels to be single when you grow old. Married couples talk of the years they have spent together, but singlehood has been good so far. Also, I couldnít marry the person I wanted to marry. Finally, when I was making documentaries, I was busy and getting married would have resulted in me sacrificing my career, which was something I didnít want to do. Finally, the idea of having and raising kids didnít appeal to me.

Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi airs on STAR One from Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM

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