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Old 06-30-2010, 06:25 PM
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Default Karishma Tanna to host India’s Magic Star STARONE.IN

The stage is set for India’s first ever magic reality show – India’s Magic Star. Two master magicians – SAC Vasanth and Rajat Narsimhan will adjudicate the contestants performing magic tricks along with Indian film industry’s superstar, Jackie Shroff.

More on India's Magic Star : Discuss here | Watch full episodes | Official Website

And now the show has got its host in beautiful and spunky Karishma Tanna. The lanky lass is extremely upbeat about hosting India’s Magic Star for the uniqueness of its concept.
Says the actress, “This is quite an experience as the show is one of its kind. A show on these lines has never been tried before and if it succeeds in impressing the audience, you never know, we might become the trend setters for many other shows which will be based on magic.”
“Jaggu da and I are the only celebrities on the show and the two of us sum up to make the glamour quotient of India’s Magic Star. I have hosted a couple of episodes and trust me, the experience is unique and different to me. I am the solo host and enjoying every bit of the attention”, adds the actress.

Tanna is in complete awe of the talent she is getting to see on the show. “My eyes pop out everytime I watch them perform a trick. I took up this show primarily because with this, I will get an opportunity to watch the art from close quarters. I am really excited as I get to watch the tricks live in front of me”, states the actress.

She is keen on learning a couple of tricks by the end of the show. “I will try to learn some card and rope tricks. I don’t think those difficult tricks which involve big boxes and bombs are my cup of tea. I will be content with learning a few simpler tricks”, quips Tanna.

We hope the show, as it reaches its finale announces not just one but two magic stars, one in the winning contestant and the other in Karishma Tanna.

Watch the show kickstart from July 3, Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 pm only on STAR One. Bring in some magic in your lives!
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Old 06-30-2010, 06:26 PM
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Default The illusionist Vasanth - Full Info

Taking an initiative to make a difference in the lives of viewers and keeping them abreast with a rather unheralded art of magic which has its origins in India and Persia, STAR One is launching India’s Magic Star.

More on India's Magic Star : Discuss here | Watch full episodes | Official Website

As expected, the ones who are applauding the move most are the magicians and their patrons who show deep concern for the art. Expecting the show to rejuvenate the art form and bring about a revolution thereby educating the audience about it, are the two judges of the show SAC Vasanth and Rajat Narsimhan along with superstar Jackie Shroff.

Vasanth who has been a master of all trades including music and choreography, was a lecturer before he decided to take up the art of magic seriously and make it a profession. A magician of Malaysian-origin, Vasanth has been born and brought up in Coimbatore and is a respected name in the corporate arena in South. To his credit, he has done a magic show titled as Maya Maya which ran for two years with 104 episodes.

With such eminent judges adjudicating the show, the viewers can expect some never-seen-before tricks which will leave you spellbound and wanting for more. Here's our conversation with SAC Vasanth who loves to risk it, always!

What attracted an academic like you to magic?

The magic itself attracted me to the art of magic. It is a wonderful art and magic has been a hobby and passion. I am a musician and a choreographer and have composed several jingles. I was a lecturer in a college in Coimbatore and head of the commerce department. I decided to risk it all for magic.

But isn’t it like putting a lot at stake?

A magician’s life is at stake all the time. As a magician you are always at the risk of performing a trick badly and your audience gauging the trick behind it thus decoding the magic for you. As a person I have hated being spoon-fed and I wanted to surpass all the hurdles and earn a name and respect for myself. I believe with taking up the art of magic and making a career in it has been destined for me and nature wanted me to become a magician. As humans we tend to deviate from the goals fixed by nature for us and it is only after self-assessment we realise as to what destiny has in store for us. I just wanted to be myself after analysing my likes and dislikes and where my interest lies. I got my answer in the form of magic and here I am today.

How did your family react to it?

My parents were completely taken aback with my decision of making a profession in magic. My mother cried for days and father didn’t speak for a span of two weeks. But I got the support I needed from my better half. She is a chartered accountant and told me that she will never dissuade me from achieving my goals and fulfilling my desires.

What attracts you to this art?

Sheer happiness and excitement to perform on stage and surprise the audience.

How did you start as a magician?

I owe it all to my godfather Mr. Cijam Jammu. I met him during one of his shows and at the end I managed to meet him personally and showed him some of the tricks I had been practicing after reading books on the art. He was impressed, spotting the budding talent in me and he showed me a track. I took six months to perfect it. It all started when he was unwell during those days and had to perform somewhere and asked me to step in his shoes. I had the MD of the Taj Hotel amongst the audience who was extremely impressed with watching me perform my tricks and the rest is history.

How do people react when you introduce yourself as a magician?

A quick look of surprise flashes across their faces when I introduce myself as a magician. The next thing they ask is that if I would like to perform at their son’s birthday party which is nearing and how much will I charge for the same, a proposal. I refuse. I have to tell them that I only do corporate shows and launch events. I surprise them even more by giving them my visiting card magically. Imagine a visiting card coming out of my hand amidst smoke or fire. It surprises, shocks and impresses them.

Tell us your definition of magic?

Everything is magic – illusion, metamorphosis and teleportation. There is thin line of differentiation between magic and tricks. When as an audience member you come to know the secret it becomes a trick and when it amazes, stuns and confuses you, it is magic.

Magicians in India restrict themselves to the age-old tricks whereas their counterparts abroad are experimenting a lot and amazing the fans with innovative tricks like sky-walking, walking over water. Why aren’t we stepping out of the comfort zone?

There are many reasons to it – infrastructure, audience and quality of the magic in India. For example if I have to do a David Copperfield by making the Taj Mahal disappear, I will have to take the permission of the government officials which might not be viable for them considering the sentiments and emotional appeal involved in it. You can’t expect the same support like our counterparts abroad enjoy from their government. When Copperfield made Statue of Liberty disappear government aided him by cutting the electricity and building a viewership for him by announcing to its residents that a magic is going to be performed. Audience of India is more into hero-worshipping and so we tend to take a back-seat. Lastly, we are to be blamed for the dying state of this art. We perform the same age-old tricks and expect the audience to marvel at it every time they see it being performed. We are serving old wine in a new bottle which isn’t good for the art.

What do you have to say about the potential in India?

India has talent in abundance be it any field, profession or art form – cooking, dancing and music. They are extremely dedicated and given a chance they can excel in any field of their desire.

But isn’t magic different from other art forms and also it isn’t respected much in the country?

I agree with you as even I faced opposition from my parents but we need to take up the art seriously if we have interest in it. The art of magic is in dying state and people who have keen interest in the art must do something about it. I think the step that STAR One has taken by launching a show on magic needs to be applauded and appreciated. Magic originated in the land of Persia from where it came to India and then China and later on to the US but unfortunately we never took the art seriously and stuck to the same age-old tricks whereas our counterparts have gone way ahead of us. To reach them will take time but I can see it happen through hard work and dedication.

How are you in real life? What inspired you to take up this art?

I am very possessive, emotional, daring, stubborn and adventurous. I never prefer the easy way and would rather like to learn things hard way because then I merit to call it mine. I will have my explanations to the trick and if I follow someone else’s then I am just being a follower and not a creator. I talk a lot and have more foes than friends and majority of them are my fellow magicians.

Are you superstitious?

I don’t believe in God and I am not superstitious. I believe in nature because I can see it and feel it.

How do you innovate and come up with new tricks? What inspires you at that?
Dreams inspire me and keen observation coupled with persistence helps me innovating new tricks. My biggest critic is my son and only when he approves a trick, I perform it infront of the audience. My wife, son and I were dining together and suddenly my kid asked me to make a ring disappear to which I obliged. Later he said that he always knew I would easily do that and then told me if he can make it appear from the cotton candy that he would buy from the candy man. I was pissed at him but later practiced it and now I use the trick during my shows.

Do you see the magic streak in him too? Would you want him to take over from you when he grows up?

That’s not my call. I never listened to my parents so I don’t expect him to take up a profession of my choice. In addition to it he is only nine years old so its lot of time for him to decide for himself. You will be surprised to know that he got admission in one of the most reputed schools of Coimbatore because of his magic tricks. He was asked by his principal to make a candy disappear if he was a true magician. Guess what he did? He asked the principal to close his eyes and ate the candy. After finishing it, he asked him to open his eyes. The principal was amused and praised his intelligence. The next thing we knew was that he was admitted to the school.

Watch Vasanth on India’s Magic Star starting July 3 every Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 pm only on STAR One.

First Episode
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Old 06-30-2010, 06:27 PM
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Default Rajat Narasimhan, the magician with a mission! STARONE.IN

A world class master magician, Rajat Narasimham grew up with a fascination for magic from his childhood. To prove that he takes magic seriously, he is the Executive Officer in the Governing Body of FIMA (Federation of Indian Magic Associates). Rajat will be a judge on STAR One’s India’s Magic Star, along with Jackie Shroff.

More on India's Magic Star : Discuss here | Watch full episodes | Official Website

Rajat loves creating illusions and shares the mantra of a good magician, and with that we will know standards the contestants will have to match up to in this talent hunt, airing first time on Indian television. Here’s someone with a career that's pure magic!

What does it take to be a good magician?

A magician is an actor who plays the role of magician. He must be an excellent actor and besides this, he must have certain qualities, like he must possess s****s to perform any type of magic like tricks close-up, illusions and many more. He should be a good presenter.

What's the hardest thing about being a magician?
He must have the patience to practice, for without practice no one can become a good magician. Practice is the key mantra to become a successful magician. He must also have a sense of good music, dance and singing. Overall, he should posses all performing talents!

What inspired you to become a magician? Did you always want to be one?

I got inspiration from my elder brother Kismat. He was a magic lover. When I was in the 2nd standard (7-8 years old), I got fascinated with magic and then after two years my brother met with an accident and I lost him. I had a long gap of 16 years but I still had an urge to become a magician. One day, one of my friends introduced me to his uncle Amar Nath Chatterjee. He was a magician who taught me simple magic tricks and then I took some serious studies from Gautam Guha and I learnt close up magic for ******** audiences from him.

Tell us something about your theme ‘Magic is a Mission’.
I started practicing magic with a certain aim. I decided to do magic for two purposes, one is to entertain the audience but in the end, audiences should get some moral out of that magic. I remember, I had done a drunken act and through this, conveyed how injurious alcohol is and I got a good response from the audiences which gave me my first National Award in 2001. Though I received many State level awards but this award was special as I dedicated this award to my late elder brother Kismat.

I always wanted to help the needy, so through my magic shows I help certain NGO’s as well as perform my shows based on social issues like Kolkata Urban, Kolkata Rescue, UNICEF, West Bengal Government health Orgnaisation, Safe Mother, Pollution Explosion, Save Water and many more. I hold magic shows, and the proceeds from that go entirely to these NGOs. There's a lot of satisfaction that comes from this.

Tell us about your magic institute and how did it start?

My institute is located in Kolkata, it is named Kismat Magic Institute, there are no branches. I do believe in giving quality output so we have only 20 students. Among the faculty members, my senior students and I teach magic here and now this would be the fourth year of my magical institute!

Are you open to giving the Magic Star contestants a chance to enroll in your institute?
In the show itself, me and my partner, Vasanth, are here to teach them and if I get a chance then why not?

Which magical stage shows do you like? What do you think about Chris Angel's street shows?

I like all the magical shows but I especially like Chris Angel's street shows. I especially like his trick of walking on water and would love to teach my students that. Chris Angel is a genius among magicians. His style of street magic has really inspired magicians like me. Street magic is getting more popular in India and I am happy Indian magicians are following stalwarts like David Blaine and Chris Angel.

What's the best trick that you have watched someone else do?

Illusion is the best magic trick which I have watched on television. I don’t know who did it but it was a wonderful trick.

Do you believe in the supernatural?

No, I don’t believe in those supernatural powers. There is no reason to believe.

Tell us about some positive and negative reactions you've received.

I get a good response, especially from kids. When you get such good responses it inspires you to work harder and entertain more people. Some audiences give a thanda reaction, as they clap and leave, while other praise as well as ask questions. That feels great.

What are you looking forward to in this show?
Some great and astounding magic acts which I haven’t seen before and I am hopeful that we will get good response from the audiences especially kids.

What's your message to upcoming magicians?
My message to the aspirant magicians is to work hard and apply practice as their mantra for success.
Magician on a mission, Rajat Narasimhan says he’s looking forward to some great and astounding magic acts which he may have never seen before. He’s hopeful that he will get a good response from the audiences.

So tune into India’s Magic Star only on STAR One, starting from July 3.
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Default Magical Jaggu Dada

Bollywood veteran Jackie Shroff is set to bring his magic on television with STAR One’s India’s Magic Star. On this show Jackie will play judge, along with two famous magicians S A C Vasanth and Rajat Narsimhan.

More on India's Magic Star : Discuss here | Watch full episodes | Official Website

The trio will judge the tricks and special effects and wizardry of budding magicians, from across the counrty. Jackie is quite excited to be part of the show because he says he's always fascinated by the idea of illusions. So here's our Jaggu dada chatting about his new foray and also shares tips for young boys about the magic of impressing girls. Read on!

Which is your favourite trick?

My favourite magical trick would be to make anyone disappear. A second would be to make money from thin air. Actually, even in our films we are performing illusions. Magic is fascinating because in everyone of us is a little kid hidden.

What's your take on magic - reality or illusions?
I am still a kid who always wants to live in the world of illusion but at the same time I want to get rid of hunger which is reality.

There have been several magical and fantasy movies. Which ones are your favourite?

Alice in Wonderland! It’s a book as well as a film but as a kid I used to read the book. And as for movies, Chota Chetan. I am also fond of my film Bhoot Uncle in which I could create food for the little kids.

If you could make one person disappear who would it be?

I don’t want any person to disappear but I want poverty to vanish. But if forced to make one person vanish, I'd probably pick myself. For Mr. India and Bhoot uncle can do anything they want! (smiles)

So if you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be?

I'd like to be a healer so that I can heal everything right from poverty to broken marriages. In short I want to be a messiah.

I'm sure there are several tricks which have fascinated you. Which trick have you always wanted to learn?

I have always been fascinated with the one where you get money from air. I intend to learn this trick on the show very soon. And after that I will share that trick with you too...

And your favourite magic based show?

I like Criss Angel's magic show which is amazing. I remember a street magic show in Mumbai's Girgaum Chowpatty where Charlie used to perform and then there's P.C. Sorcar, an internationally active magician throughout the 1950s and 1960s, performing his Indrajal show.

What is the one magic trick you can actually perform? If you were to perform a magic trick, what would your line be before you unravel your trick?

I can perform the "coin going through glass". It is the magic trick I will show the audiences if they asked me to perform.
My line would be - 'Jhakas ya phir Bindass bhi sahi hain bhidu…'

Can a guy use magic to impress a girl? If yes, what can he do?

According to me to impress a girlfriend one must look into her eyes because our eyes are magical. Look into her eyes for 20 seconds and everything would look magical. Hey boys be gentle, offer her a seat first, let her eat first. Good manners are something magical which would impress every girl!

If you had magical s****s, who would you want to impress?

My children.

Which era would you want to go back to, if you had the formula to go back in time?

I would love to go back to my childhood days. I'd like to spend time with my mother because I miss her.
So it seems like our Jaggu Dada is definitely ready to be charmed and amazed by the contestants and their magic tricks. Maybe he will even pick up a couple of tricks and amaze the audiences himself. Don't be surprise, as anything can happen in a magic show!

So don’t forget to watch Jhakas Jaggu dada as he takes you on a magical journey only on STAR One’s India’s Magic Star.
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Who will win??
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