On Valentine’s Day today, being single seems to be a curse what with lovey dovey couples coochie cooing all around you. Love is supposedly in the air, only you can’t feel it, right? Everything seems bleak and forlorn when you are all by yourself on the day that is dedicated to love. We understand…it is indeed a sorry state of affairs. And while we cannot make you feel any better, we can guarantee that with tips from the leading ladies of Bollywood, you can make the most of your single-hood. Sounds difficult? Read on and then decide for yourself…

Let Alizeh teach you how to be fearless

Anushka Sharma’s Alizeh from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil can be that friend who can help you become fearless. Not only did she have the courage to move on with her life after breaking up with her boyfriend, she was also courageous enough to fall in love again. This is something that anyone who has ever suffered from heartbreak would know. Breaking up and moving on is easier compared to giving love another chance. Alizeh did that only to have her heart broken again. Despite that, she didn’t go running back to Ayan, her best friend in the whole world. She chose to live alone instead even after being diagnosed with cancer. And she stood by her stance of being just friends with Ayan right till the very end. If that doesn’t take courage, we don’t know what does. So let her teach you how to be brave enough to give love every chance it takes.

Trust Naina to help you focus on yourself

Naina, the nerd from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, can be the mate that teaches you the importance of focussing on yourself. Remember how after Bunny leaves to pursue his dreams, Naina continues chasing hers. Not only does she become a successful doctor, she also manages to learn to love herself along the way. While earlier in the film she was someone who despised her life and wanted to be as cool as her friends, later in the film, we see her mature into a secure woman who knows what she wants of life. If nothing else, Naina can surely teach you how relationships are only a part of life. And if you can just be patient enough to wait for it, while living your life to the fullest, true love will eventually find a way.

Kaira, here, can show you how to love yourself

The manner in which Kaira dealt with her break-ups should be a lesson for everyone out there. Failed relationships can often be a sign of how things might not be on the right track and you should take this time, when you are single, to analyse what can you improve about yourself that will make you better in a relationship. After all, better individuals make for a great relationship. Spend time with yourself, don’t be upset about not having someone, and instead invest yourself in the things you love doing. Everyone will love you when you love yourself.

Let Preet teach you how to be in a relationship with your work

Work is worship and Preet knows that. Kareena Kapoor Khan’s character in Udta Punjab was a prime example of this. Not only did she deal with drug addicts day in and day out, she tried to curb the problem at its root by being involved in the investigation. That surely shows her commitment towards being completely involved with what you believe in. So let her teach you how you shouldn’t wallow in despair over your singlehood and instead invest yourself in a cause.

Rani will be your guide as you conquer the world

Kangana Ranaut’s Rani of Queen can easily be the flagbearer of all those single around the world. Irrespective of your gender, you can take cues from Rani’s courage when she decides to not let a failed relationship drive her further into her shell. She instead goes out of her comfort zone and explores the world, while also battling all that she believed in up until then. That surely is something to learn from. And if you are not yet bitten by the travel bug, let Rani’s journey be your guide to adventure.

With tips from these ladies, we are sure you would have cheered up a lot already. And while you might not have someone to cuddle up to, now you have a list of things to do that will help you love yourself a little more than you already did.