Ten days ago, it was announced that the Tamil Film Producers Council and Telugu film Chamber of Commerce would go on an indefinite strike from March 1st, in reaction to the steep rates charged by digital service providers. As per the latest report, It is now confirmed that no south releases will hit theatres from March 1st. Only producers will be part of this strike. Exhibitors won’t be part of this no-show strike. While a meeting will be held on 23rd February to make the final decision, the decision that no south movies will hit theatres from March 1st, still stands.

Last year, with the advent of GST, the industry faced double taxation owing to additional entertainment tax. the theatres back then had shut down for three days, incurring severe losses. “The LBET by Chennai Corporation leads to double taxation, on an industry which is already reeling under the impact of high tax rates and high rates of piracy. It could as well sound the death knell of the Tamil film industry. It also goes against the ‘one nation one tax’ policy and makes the very purpose of GST redundant.”stated a spokesperson back then.