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Default More SAP Human Resource Interviews

1. How can you create new objects in org. mgmt?
A. To create a new object go to OM -> Basic Settings -> Data Model enhancement - > Create Objects their relationship and TC.
2. Can you assign a job to another job, and a position to another position? Explain.
A. We have to assign Position to Job. Because Job is General (Eg: Manager) and Position is Specific (Manager -Hr). We can relate two Positions like Reports to, subordniate...
3. What do you mean by assigning priorities to positions in recruitment? In orgn. Mgmt.?
A. In which Priority the applicant can apply for Position.
4. What is meant by an enterprise structure? (I said it comprises of Company code, Personnel Area and Personnel Subarea, but the panelist says, he's not satisfied with the answers. Do I need to add anything else to this answer?)
A. You have to explain the full concept of Enterprise Structure and how it related to Employee Structure and where we assign this to Employees, and for what purpose we defining the Ent structure.
5. How many co.codes can you assign to a personnel area? How many pers. Areas can be assigned to a company code? Explain.
A. Co Code can contain any number of PA, but one PA must contain One Co Code. Because Co Code is the legal entity of the company, using which the FI people draw various statements like BS, PL account.
6. What is the IT to store educational establishment types? Why do you need them? Do educational certificates and branches of studies come under the same IT?
A. IT0022. To maintain the educational details of the employee.
7. What is the IT store employee's previous industry sector?
A. IT0023.
8. What are dynamic actions? Where do you configure them?
A. Dynamic Actions are automatically trigerred by the system when certain actions met. Eg: If you enter no of Child as 2 in IT0002, the system automically triggers the IT0021, subtype Child to enter the details, Otherwise it wont trigger the IT0021, if you didnt mention any value in no of child in IT0002. Same like that we can configure Dynamic Actions depends on our need using the path IMG->PM->PA-> Customizing Procedure -> Dyn Action. or by using Table T588Z.
9. What is meant by work schedule rules?
A. WSR is used to define your WS for a defined period. It Comprises your EE Subgroup,PWS, HC. We can default the WSR using the Feature SCHKZ for your grouping.
10. Today is a holiday, and is paid, where do I do specify such type of things?
A. Using Holiday Class and Day Type.
11. What is meant by counting classes?
A. Counting Classes are used to define your various Counting rules for your A/A types.
12. What is the feature used to create a personnel no. How do you create a personnel no.?
A. NUMKR. Using the Tcode PA40.
13. What are the features connected to Organizational Assignment?
14. What is the feature IGMOD used for?
A. It is used to define your Infogroup.
15. What is meant by valuating of base wage types?
A. USed to valuate your WT, if it depends on some % of other WT. Say HRA is some 20% of Basic.
16. What is meant by day types?
A. Day types used to determine the particular day is payment relevant or not. 0 - Work/Paid, 1 - TimeOff/Paid, 2 - TimeOff/Unpaid, 3 - TimeOff/Special.
17. What is meant by Applicant Status and what are the reasons? Why do you need them?
A. Applicant Status denotes the current status of the Applicant, say Screening, On Process, On hold, Rejection and we have to define various reasons for each and every Status. Say why the Applicant Status is OnHold.
18. In which IT do you assign an applicant to a vacancy. Where do you assign that status?
A.Status we can assign using the TCode PB40.
19. How do applicant actions differ from applicant activities?
A. Applicant Actions can same as above like Rejected, On hold, On process. Activites can be what are all the various activites perform for each activity for the Applicant.
20.What are the ways to transfer applicant data? What is the difference between them?
A. PBA7 and PBA8.
21. What is the difference between prebooking and booking?
A. Booking is the actual booking of Attendee for an event, Prebooking is used to check whether the Attendee already booked for the event.
22. Tell me something about the IT Payroll Status
A. IT0003 is used to define the current payroll status of the employee like released, exit. We can lock the personnel number using the IT0003. *-- Omprakash
Real Interview Questions on SAP HR
1. What is meant by payscale structure? How did you configure payscale structure? (I said I created various payroll areas and defaulted them using the feature ABKRS. Seemed he was expecting more than this from me.)
A: Pay Scale Structure means creation of Payroll area , Pay scale type,area, group and levels with EmpSub group grouping for PCR & CAP's.
2. How do you import payscale data from non SAP to SAP? (Somebody told me that there's a tool called LEGACY to transfer non SAP data to SAP. I said the same. Is it the same for payroll also? He wanted a clearer explanation of how I did it.
A: Yes you have to say from which transaction code you are transfeing data from Non SAP in to sap.
3. How to assign a person two different pers no.s and allocate him two different comp. codes and generate a single invoice? Suppose for a person I have to pers no.s A and B. I want to send him to one company in the morning and the other in the noon. How should I do this. (I only know one person can be given more than one position by giving percentage in OM. I said that this process is concurrent employment.)
A: No, even with Concurrent employment also it is not possible to assign two personnel numbers for one person. You can assign him to work wih two Personnel ID Numbers with the same number and make invoice.
4.What is meant by a schema? (I said I'm only aware that it is a set of rules which is copied and renamed, but never worked on that.)
A: No, you have to say him that schema is a set of instructions ( Programs ) madified as per requirements and its process is to collect the data as from all the defined instuctutions with sub schemas and PCR's. As I was not authorised to work on them I know just the process of schemas only, (you should have said like this.)
5. How do you restrict the data to be entered in payroll area?
A: No, data is entered in a payroll area , but the employees are defined depending on their payscale structure. If you are restricting any data to be entered for pay strcs this is for indirectly for payroll area.
6. What is meant by authorization? Did you ever work on it?
A: Authorisations are the transactions given to the end users or the developers for only some areas to work, infotyopes, transaction codes, org units and others depending on the requirement of the client or the develping enterprise. Check this at PFCG tcode.
7. What is the difference between Indian and US Payroll. (I said each of them have their own ITs and the taxation differs.)
A: Yes it correct and even you have to say about the Benefits which are more important in US. In US unemployment tax will come. Garnishments will come, Residence taxation, Work tax and others, you have to say it in broad way then only they can know that you are working, or confident enough.
8. Give me a brief description of the IT Tax.
9. How do you differentiate Tax for different countries?
A: Taxation has so many use exits to be created which means it all happens only from the new versions which SAP Releases.
10.What is meant by slab? How is Indian slab and US slab? (He was talking about some %ages. I don't know what they are. )
A: Grouping of employees depending on their allowances and PERKS is nothing but Slab system and it also even comes for Professonal Tax. *-- Tips by : Praveen Kumar
What are Dynamic Actions? Give a few examples. What are the IT's you used in them. (I know only Birth of Child action, and the IT's used in it are Personal Data, Additional Payments)

Dynamic actions which are triggered by the system. They are result of some personnel action. If you make a change (personnel action) to the personnel data of an info type that then has an effect on the data of a second info type, the system automatically displays the info type. One of the main purpose of the dynamic action (of the system) is to have a consistent and coherent data. These actions are started automatically by the system, unlike the Personnel actions which you start by yourself. The best example is when you carry out an action lets say hiring, you need to populate a set of info types. Your initial entry of details in infotype 0000 is personnel action. When you do this system automatically displays next infotpes- which is result of dynamic action

What is Recruitment Cycle?
Its is the complete process of recruitment right from identifying the vacancies displaying the same, notifying them, inviting the applicants, screening the applicants, interviewing them, selecting them, and recruiting them and appointing them(giving an organizational position in the organization--- all theses processes constitute the recruitment cycles
What is Qualification Deficiency? How will you come to know that a Person does not have certain s****s/qualificatio ns? (This was posed after I said that I worked on Training and Events also).

Generally the required qualifications are stored in Required Qualifications (Infotype 5129). So any deficient qualifications can be viewed in this infotype.

What is IT 41 used for? How do I default IT 41?

Date Specifications (Info type 0041). The following information is recorded in the Date Specifications info type (0041). The Date type specifies the type of information. A concrete Date type (specified by the user) is used in a series of reports, for example to evaluate an entry date that cannot be derived from the organizational assignment history but which is stored in the Date Specifications info type(0041). This info type can be used in payroll as well as for the leave program. The standard system contains twelve combinations of Date type and Date. If you require more than twelve date specifications for an employee at the same time, you can use time constraint 3.

Suppose the client wants me the vacancy to be displayed on a website as well as ESS. How should I do it? (I only know ESS means Employee Self Service, please explain about ESS also).

Employee Self-Serviceenables employees to create, display, and change their own HR-related data in the Enterprise Portal generally related to. Benefits and Payments,, Working Time, Career and Job, Employee Search, Personal Data, Travel Management, Corporate Information and Life and Work Events. So the kind of data the employees can edit, change or delete depending upon the authorizations the employees (users and roles) have. The authorization to have access to the vacancies by employees is given, generally the vacancies will be displayed for all the employees i.e all the employees will have authorizations.

How do I change the hiring date which is wrongly entered without rehiring and changing personnel numbers?
There are Three Scenarios when you may need to change hiring date:

1) After payroll is run - when hiring date is before actual Hiring date.
2) After payroll is run when hiring date is after actual Hiring Date.
3) Before the payroll is run.

1) PA30 -- Copy actions infotype - action type - incorrect entry -- save and come out PA 30 copy actions infotype -- action type - correct entry - now correct your entries, save your date is changed.

2) PA30 - Utilities - change payroll status - delete accounted to feild, save and come out - then again utilities change entry leaving date - corrrect the hiring date - save and come out.

3) PA30 - Utilities change entry/leaving date change your date and save. *-- Fahad

1. What is the use of IT 0003 ?
2. What is the differ. between App.Range and App.Group ?
3. What is the role of Enterprise structure and Personnel Structure in Time Management and Payroll?
4. I hired one employee, after three months he promoted as Manager, after one year again he promoted as GM, how many times will you upload this data by using LSMW ? and Explain in detail ?
5. What is the relation between IT 0007 and IT 0008 ?
6. What is the diff. between Job and Position in OM ? Can you asign Task direct to Position without Job ?
7. What have you done in Recruitment ?
8. What are the fields in IT 0007 ?

1. IT 0003- Infotype in which data on the Payroll status and Time Management status is stored. For example, the system stores the date of the last payroll run performed for the employee in the Payroll Status infotype (0003). The system automatically creates this infotype when the employee is hired. In general, the system updates the infotype and writes the changes to the payroll past.
2. Application range-It is used to classify applicants according to either hierarchical or functional criteria. Hierarchical classification involves classifications such as executive employees, salaried employees. Specialists. Functional groupings include corporate management, administration, production ......
Applicant group- It is used o classify applicants according to the type of employment contract for which they are applying. Exa- employees with a permanent contract, employees with a temporary contract and so on...........
3. Enterprise structure- It specifies groupings for Time Management. This enables to set up work schedules, substitution types, absence types, and leave types on the basis of a specific personnel sub area.
Personal structure- The employee subgroup grouping for the work schedule enables you to determine which work schedules are permissible for which employee subgroups. The employee subgroup grouping for time quotas enables you to specify which attendance and absence quote types are eligible for which employee subgroups
4. Relation between 0007 and 0008- The system takes the employment percentage and the average number of working hours from infotype 0007 and suggests them as default values for the capacity utilization level and working hours per period in infotype 0008.
5. Job Job is nothing but a general classification of sets of functions. A job describes a position. The position automatically inherits the tasks and and characteristics assigned to the job through a relationship.
Position-It can be occupied by holders at company. Each position occupied by a employee. Multiple assignment are possible. Position can be 100% filled, partially filled or vacant.
6. IT 0007 fields- Work schedule rule, Time management status, working week, employment percentage, Daily working hour, weekly working hour, monthly workinh hours, actual working hours, weekly workdays
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