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Default Sap hr

Q. I just wanted to know that when I am recruiting some body, I am generating his personal no also. Then I want to give him a training also. Now I just want to create 2 scenarios to clear my doubts.
1--How to create a time schedule for 1 day training where when the breaks, working hours does not coincide with the training time and the person is also booked .
2--How to create another time schedule that is coinciding with the training time and the person is not booked. What are the steps in time management, so that I can understand by both the scenarios why a person is booked and when he is not booked.
A. No need of time management. while creating an event you will be creating time schedule in the box select user defined where you can define different timings for different days with intwervals like weeks , months for this just select multiple.
Q. I need to ask you that while I am trying to book one person in training for a business event type, they are saying that this person is not available for the business event. Why is it so? But that I can book a user for the same business event type. What is the differense between user and person? Now in case if I book a person for the business event, how can I see whether that person is available for that date or not. Moreover how can I see that that person is on leave or not.
A. Create a new calendar in time mgt. with open days.means without any holidays and assign it in trng and evnt mgt. and remove time integration. To check for an employee leave or not just pa20 infotype 2001.(absence)
Q. About time managemnet. Now I am trying to book person, but I have to see whether this person is on leave or what about the break schedule so that I can give training. For this purpose I am starting again. I am recruiting 2 person, generating 2 personnal no, then prepare the infotype about time and create 2 scenarios to see that in 1 case the person is booked for training (because time schedule is not coinciding wiith the training period) and I want to create another scenario where I can see the person cannot be booked (time period coincides with the training period of only 1 day.) What are the steps of time management about both the scenarios.
A. For checking whether the person who is going on leave or who has gone on leave, to find out just got to pa20 and enter infotype 2001 absence where you will be checking whether this guy is on leave or not. If he is ill go onleave so the data will be stored in this infotype.
Q. There is 1 person but its displaying that this person cannot be booked. He is not available for the business event. Can you tell me where is it going wrong? What can be the reasons?
A. You should be able to book for all persons but it showing only for one person means you need to check infotype 2001 and his workschedule. If it showing for all the persons, just follow as below:
Create a calendar with open days means without any holidays and assign in Training and Event Management --> Basic Settings --> Controling days off --> Specify Factory Calendar in this thru drill down/check box select the calendar which you have created in time mangement without any holidays and try out if again. If it shows the same message then remove time integration.
Q. I have a certain group of employees who have vacation exceptions. The company does not want to create additional PSA/PA to enable me to put them in their own PSA Grouping for time quota types. Can I use IT2012 to bring in the exception hrs and then add this value to their accrual as defined in config. Because of this they will accrue vacation time at a higher rate. Is this possible? Combining config settings and schema to accrue leave. If I could put them in their own separate PSA grouping for time quota types it would be easy for me as I would not permit generation of quota during time eval. And then do this in the schema. Any suggestions?
A. Schemas allows you to move, delete, copy and insert lines in line editorcommands.here you can enter the commands and entered in the area used forthe line numbers. You can overwrite any of the numbers with the commnds. Sub-shemas are called by the copy commnad.
Q. I just wanted to know that when I am recruiting some body, I am generating his personal no also. Then I want to give him a training also. Now I just want to create 2 scenarios to clear my doubts.
1--How to create a time schedule for 1 day training where when the breaks, working hours does not coincide with the training time and the person is also booked .
2--How to create another time schedule that is coinciding with the training time and the person is not booked. Show me the steps in time management, so that i can understand by both the scenarios why a person is booked and when he is not booked
A. If you want the know the working hours for checking this just goto pa20 select personnel number then selet for 0007 infotype. Click display and then click for workschedule icon which is available on top. You will find the work timings on the day you require just select and thru chek box you can find his timings.
Q. What is a BSP application?
A. BSP (Business Server Pages) in the new dimension in SAP where by webapplication can be built. BSP uses HTML for the presenation and ABAP for the business logic. As an option there is also the Java flavour using JSP.BSP applications are far better than the old IAC's (Internet applicationcomponents) deliverd vide the ITS where the display format is kind of fixed.In SAP HR the new appriasal system used BSP.Well this is only basic information. You may wish to use the MBS (WASversion) to try and developed a simple application using BSP.
BSP is a set of pages that represent a user interface (layout and page flow definition). The layout part of a page normally contains ABAP or JavaScript code which is inserted into the HTML structure. They can contain server-side scripting code in either JavaScript or ABAP. BSP applications use all the conventional ABAP technologies, such as Open SQL and internal tables, allowing developers to create Web pages quickly. This enables existing SAP logic, data structures, and interfaces to be directly used in Web applications.
Q. What are the difference between : Retroactive Accounting Period, Earliest Retroactive Accounting Period!
A. Retroactive Acc Period: The retroactive accounting period refers either to an individual employee or to a payroll area. The earliest possible retroactive accounting period is specified for a payrollarea. The system also takes into consideration the employee's initial entrydate.
Earliest Retroactive Acc'g Period: The period furthest back in the past for which it is still possible toperform a retroactive accounting run. This means that retroactive accounting takes place for a period for which payroll has already been performed.
Q. How to write a variable breaks. For example in a manufacturing unit 50 employees are working, all the 50 employees will not take a break at a time, so 25 people will take a break around 11:00 to 11:30 and another 25 people will take a break around 11:30 to 12:00,
A. Variable or flexi break means if you are fixing the break as10.00-12.00 and saying that only 30 min break then they can take a break of 30 min at any time in between 10:00-12:00.
In config, under time managemnt and then work schedules, go to break schedules and create two break schedules (1) 11-1130 and the other for 1130-1200. I think each will have its own DWS. In this case for break schedule 1, the DWS will be 8000 and for break two it will be 8001. Create work schedules for each and assign to the relevant group of employees. This is the solution I could think of.
Q. Is it possible to implement hr without fico in any company? If yes, then who will create the company and other things in enterprise structure. if my company is implementing only hr without fico and in hr also only personal administration is it possible? Actually my client querieing me that whether is it possible only to maintain the employee details as he got other accounting packages like tally.
A. It is very much possible to implement HR(PA) without FICO. But it sounds very odd that the company wishes to implement only HR & that too only PA. What about other modules ? If you want other modules like MM / SD you will definitely require FICO. Utilitiwise its really absurd if some company only want to use HR(PA).
It is not madtadtory to have FI/CO or other module while implementing HR but it is required to maintain the min. config while going for the HR whereever having the integration. So the basic config such as company code, cost centre, Business Area, etc. may be maintained by the consultation of FICO counter part
For the second part of your question, YOU, the HR guy, will create minimum information in FI and maybe CO (company code, maybe cost centers). Just create an IMG project for PA HR, and the needed basic FICO activities will be included.
*-- Battacharya
What are:
1. cost center and work center.
2. personnel area(WERKS) and personnel subarea.
3. Retrocalculating Account.
1) Cost Center is for assigning Symbolic acounts related for Posting in GL Accounts and Work center is related to specific work area as Utilities, Boiler section, Processing section and Others you can assume.
2) Personnel Area is an exact Geographical Location under which the comp decides to run their Processing and Personnel ares are all as the Departments in an Hierarcheal Structure which are divided for TIme mgmt, Payroll as PS grouping.
3) Retrocalculating Account. --- > First it is not Retrocalculating Account and it is the payroll which is the running in this month has to carry any earliest payroll for balancing and controlling the payments for an emp for and can be used while paying any Bonus or advance.
What is internal recruitment ?
Internal recruitment is search for internal applicants. when you integrate with personal development, you can use profile match up which help to search for resources internally.
Also In recruitment it is represented by 'P' as Person and 'AP" as external person.
2) What are problems generally faced while posting result to FICO ?
Normally mismatching of amount get posted.
3) What is controlling area, what does it do, and how were is it assigned ?
Controlling area is under of FI person which helps to set for costing purposes also based on thses fiscal variant is set.
4) What is the purpose of creating symbolic a/c, what is transaction code for same ? Can we assign one symbolic a/c to multiple wage types ?
It depends upon your payrol requirement to create salary head like expense account etc.
5) What is REPORT VARIANT FOR OFF CYCLE ACTIVITIES, what do we do in this step ?
Variant is to save all input field parameters. once you saved as a variant , you can use the same for future purposes.
6) What all infotypes which has to be created at the time of hiring OR PA40 and cannot be maintained later with PA30 ?
Why you require creation of infotypes...
7) If we have to create multiple positions, what method OR tool we can use to avoid errors due to creating them manually.
You can create muliple position by LSMW or batch programs for the Tcode PP01 or PPOCE
8) What do is LANDSCAPE in SAP Project, I think its related to no. of servers used, Pls correct me if I am wrong, Or what it is ?
It is related to Basis
9) What is the role of a administrator in PA ?
To restrict access to Personnel administration based on PA/PSA.
Administrator: we come across for Personnel admininstration, Time management, and Payroll in sap .
Each admiinistrator is reponsible for each individual activity. You can get the name of the administrator in the pay slip so the employee for any clarification he can meet the responsible administrator (accessed through payslip)
This administrtor (is created in PA of PM) is responsible for recruitment. *-- HR Tips by : Somasekhar
10) What is golive actually ? What is the role of a functional consultant in it ?
Go live is transfering of data from Development server to Production server.
Development -----> Quality server
In Quality you need to Unit, Integration testing, Once it is OK in Qulaity server,
Then you need
Development ----> Production
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