Drive was supposed to be a Holi 2018 release but missed the date. Now, Karan Johar has announced that the film will release on September 7. He wrote, “The Dharma and Fox Car franchise races to cinema halls on the 7th of September,2018!! #DRIVE starti ng @itsSSR and @Asli_Jacquelin e directed by @Tarunmansukhani Buckle up and get set for the zooming ride!! @apoorvamehta18 @foxsta rhindi @DharmaMovies.” The film had wrapped up in January. It is the first film in the series which will be produced by Karan Johar and Fox Star Studios. (Also read: Drive, Kedarnath, Sone Chidaiya: Sushant Singh Rajput explores different genres to showcase his versatility)

There were reports that it is a remake of Hollywood hit by the same name, that starred Ryan Gosling. But Sushant Singh Rajput had squashed the rumours. He told DNA, ” It’s not a remake at all. Trust me, if it was a remake of the Hollywood movie, they wouldn’t want me because then, they would have rather cast a better-looking actor. There would be Ryan Gosling, not me! (Laughs).” Sushant will even be seen naked in the film, well almost! He told the daily, “I don’t have inhibitions; because I need to convince you that I’m the part. And if I have to do something to make sure you are convinced, I would do it. I’m getting paid for it! (Laughs).” Yet another reason to wait for September 7 now!

Sushant further added, “Why wouldn’t it be comfortable? Why should I be thinking about this? If I have to cry in a scene, I’m actually crying. Now, that’s not a comfortable thing to do. Because I, normally, am emotionally detached. So, I don’t cry. But when I cry in a film, I have to come up with something exactly similar to feel what I have to at that point. I feel that and cry. That’s exactly what I do. Actors are not supposed to feel comfortable most of the times, if his character isn’t comfortable.”