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Old 04-23-2011, 08:03 AM
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Pratigya to get stronger; to face Krishna eye-to-eye...

The protagonist of Star Plus' Pratigya will in the coming episodes take a big decision of stopping the injustice meted out by Krishna, in her own way...

Star Plus' show Mann Ki Awaaz.. Pratigya now moves into a new phase as its protagonist Pratigya (Pooja Gor)finally puts her foot down and decides not to take Krishna's (Arhaan Behl) threats and wrong doings, lying down!!

The present track has Pratigya in all sorts of trouble as she has been kidnapped, and kept in solitude. Her family members are devastated at this, and are running from pole to post to search for her.

As per our source, "The coming episodes will reveal to the audience that it is Angad (Kunal Karan Kapoor) who is behind Pratigya's kidnap. However, Angad plays a dirty trick in front of Pratigya which will make her believe that it is Krishna who has kidnapped her. This is where Pratigya decides to teach Krishna a proper lesson".

"From this point onwards, Pratigya is a changed woman, and she takes an oath (pratigya) that she will not allow Krishna to threaten her family members and keep them tensed always. She realizes that her parents are heart broken, her sister is very much scared to even go out of the house, and her brother's life is also in danger. In order to protect her family, Pratigya stands tall and takes a big decision that will change her life forever. She also decides to face the menacing Krishna eye-to-eye", informs our source.

However, what is not known to her is that Krishna is not the one who has been terrorizing her and her parents. Instead, it is Angad who wants to take revenge for the one slap that Pratigya had given him earlier.

Talking about the new development, Pooja Gor aka Pratigya tells us, "Yes, it is true that Pratigya will become stronger. She will take a big decision of taking care of her family by facing Krishna directly. With this, the main story of the show starts, wherein she takes the pratigya of saving herself and her family from the one man who has been making their life miserable".

As per our source, "This particular track will take the story forward, wherein the track of Krishna and Pratigya marriage will open up. The track related to the marriage will be on air by the first week of March".

Producer Pearl Grey when contacted told us, "We are entering a whole new phase in the show where our protagonist gets all the strength to fight against the injustice that has been happening with her family; she will decide to fight back in her own way. All this is the result of the kidnap sequence that is presently on air. We will also be entering the phase wherein Pratigya accepts to marry Krishna, to save her family from all the ridicule".

Catch the transformation of Pratigya in the coming episodes on Star Plus…
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Old 04-23-2011, 08:04 AM
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Fight between co-stars disrupts shoot of Pratigya..

Asmita Sharma and Amita Udgata who play the mother and dadi of Krishna respectively in Star Plus' Pratigya had a big show down on the set recently..

It's been just few weeks since the family of Krishna (Arhaan Behl) has entered in Star Plus' Mann Ki Awaaz..Pratigya, but it seems like problems have already crept in between few co-stars.

A little birdie told us that Asmita Sharma and Amita Udgata who play Krishna's mother and dadi respectively, do not gel well and have been having ego clashes on and off. Recently, the two had a big fight on the set, which made the entire unit and cast uncomfortable.

According to our source, "Amita and Asmita have not got along well from the first day of shoot. Problems increased as they were sharing the same green room. They just cannot stand each other and this was confirmed when they had a fight recently while shooting for a particular promo".

When contacted, Asmita confirmed the news and said, "Yes, it is true that I do not get along well with Amita Udgata. It is just that you strike a nice relationship with few from the first day we meet, but cannot be pally with few others even if you try really hard to do so. We were earlier sharing the same green room, but when I got to know how troublesome Amita is, I requested the production house to change my room. I am now happy to be in a different room (smiles)".

When asked her to elaborate on the reason for this problem, Asmita continued, "Her nature is really weird, and it is just not me who did not feel friendly with her. When I asked for a change in room, I was shifted to share the room with my on screen daughter (Parvati Sehgal); and Kalpana Bohra who plays my Bahu was moved to share the room with Amitaji. It is just that the nature of few people can never change and we cannot do anything but to move away from them".

We tried contacting Amita Udgata, but she was unavailable.

For the uninitiated, this is not the first time that veteran actress Amita Udgata has been involved in heated arguments with co-actors on sets. Earlier too, when Amita was part of Sony's Palampur Express she had problems with co-actor Rajesh Asthana and it was reported that the two had a big showdown for some reason on the sets.
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Old 04-23-2011, 08:29 AM
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Pratigya gears up for grand wedding; Kashmira Shah to perform

Krishna and Pratigya's marriage will be one of the finest marriages seen in television; and the entire rituals will take place according to UP style..

The wedding of Krishna (Arhaan Behl) and Pratigya (Pooja Gor) in Star Plus' Mann Ki Awaaz..Pratigya will be one extraordinary affair, something that viewers have never witnessed on Indian Television.

According to our source, "The production house and channel are working on making the wedding completely different. Viewers will see all the rituals happening in typical UP style. The Shagun ceremony will be very different and interesting to watch. It will be followed by a Haldi ceremony. The Sangeet will bring together both the families, and there will be music and dance. Marriage will be very elaborate, and the Jaymala will probably be aired on March 8th. The wedding will take place according to the culture of the Thakurs, and will be made special by gun shots".

A special item song has also been planned just before the pheras. As per our source, "Kashmira Shah will be performing on a stunning item number, which will be followed by the pheras", adds our source.

As per the buzz, there will be much more drama on the day of the wedding. However, even before the wedding rituals begin, the show will see the entry of Pratima Kazmi who will play the Guru Maa. She is not only religiously inclined, but is also wise for her age. She happens to be the only lady whose words are accepted by father of Krishna, Sajjan Singh (Anupam Shyam). The lady will help him agree for the marriage.

"Tonight's episode will see yet another twist wherein Adarsh (Pratigya's brother) will put a stand before Krishna that he will agree to Pratigya marrying Krishna, only if he gives his younger sister Komal in marriage to him (Adarsh). It will be interesting to see how Krishna reacts to this decision", further informs our source.

The wedding rituals will be on air from next week, and the Jaymala will be aired on March 8th..

Producer Pearl Grey told us, "The wedding of Krishna and Pratigya will be really grand and different. The sangeet ceremony is something that viewers should not miss. We also have an item number coming from Kashmira Shah".

Looking forward to the grand affair now!!
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Old 04-23-2011, 08:29 AM
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'I can never go to a girl and say I like her' - Arhaan Behll

Arhaan Behll, the recent heart throb on television on a tete-e-tete with Tellybuzz…

Arhaan Behll plays the very unpredictable Krishna in Spellbound Productions and Star Plus Mann Ki Awaaz… Pratigya. This is his debut as an actor and he is pleasantly surprised with all the love and adoration that's being showered on Krishna.

Here, he talks about how he trained for the role, his theory on why people like Krishna despite the grey shades and how he can never fess up to a girl about his liking for her.

How did Pratigya happen?
I just went for the auditions- my first audition for a TV show- and I got selected.

Have you always been inclined towards acting?
Yes, right from school days I was into plays and drama. But I hadn't worked professionally after that. So Pratigya is my first step towards professionally pursuing my acting interests.

Tells us a little bit about your character.
Krishna, is not a bad guy, he is not a goon even though the way he treats other people is not very nice. But it's because of his family, the way he has been brought up that he behaves aggressively. From inside, he is very good.
Also, he carries a gun around because of which no one questions him. So he feels like a King. He has this bit of attitude (laughs).

With so much of negative shades in the character, didn't you feel apprehensive of taking it up?
Actually, no. I loved Krishna the moment he was narrated to me. He was so different from me that I found him challenging. The contradictions in his character made him more interesting.

How did you groom yourself for this character?
(Laughs) Actually, I watched a lot of films like Haasil and Omkara. Got to know many things from them. I also had a seven day workshop with my writer. So I got to learn a lot about language and where I need to stress etc. Later, we were in Allahabad on a ten day shooting schedule. That gave me a chance to observe the native people in their own surroundings…which was like the best lesson.

Do you relate to your character?
Arhaan and Krishna are totally different. Arhaan speaks Hindi, Punjabi and English whereas Krishna speaks in a typical UP dialect. And Arhaan is really shy. But I guess there a few similarities. Arhaan and Krishna both are fearless and totally loyal. Also, Arhaan is a bit stubborn but not as much as Krishna (smiles).

What do you have to say for the way Krishna pursues Pratigya?
Umm…what can I say? It's the demand of the show…

What according to you is the ideal way to approach a girl one likes?
Well, see when it comes to me, I can never go up to a girl and say that I like her. But that is the best way according to me, to pursue your darling girl. Just go up and say that you like her and leave the decision to that person.

Tell us a little about your real-life experience in wooing a girl, romance, puppy-love…
I've had so many crushes I don't remember a particular one right now (laughs).

You have a huge fan following despite the fact that your character is not all that lovable. What do you think is the reason?
Krishna is loyal and has a clean heart, despite all the shortcomings. The intensity, with which he loves, is craved by most of the girls. I think this could be reason…I don't have any other theories.

How has the fame and recognition affected your personal life?
It hasn't affected me as a person or my close ones in their feelings towards me. But it has affected my daily life. In the sense whenever I go out people recognize me and come up to talk to me. They discuss Krishna's character; ask for autographs or pictures…at times phone numbers (laughs).

What kind of feedback have you received on Krishna's character?
I got to know from them that they hate his shoes. Many people have told me the same thing- 'Please change the shoes that you wear onscreen' (laughs). So I've asked my creative to see if something can be done about it.
And they loved when Krishna said – I lub you (laughs). When I performed for the shot, I wasn't sure about it. I was like it doesn't matter how rural a place is…everyone knows how to say I love you. But turns out…that particular scene has become a favorite!

Tell us about your off-screen relationship with Pooja Gor.
We are good friends. We always keep fighting over silly small things. But it's all in good spirits. In fact the entire cast and crew is very nice. I have a good bond with all of them.

Your experience with the production house – Spellbound Productions.
I haven't worked with any other production house so I can't do comparisons. But I'm really liking being associated with this production house.
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Old 04-23-2011, 08:31 AM
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Star Plus back to the #1 position; pushes COLORS to 2nd place

Star Plus is back with a bang, as it becomes the #1 GEC as per the latest ratings...

Star Plus is now again the #1 General Entertainment Channel, as per the latest ratings that have come out today!!

COLORS had earlier pushed Star Plus from its #1 position, and had been having an easy ride at the top for many weeks. But now, Star Plus is back with a bang as they top the GRP chart with 300 points, while COLORS takes the second position with GRP of 286. Zee TV is placed third with a GRP of 246.

The launches of the relatively new shows like Behenein from Hats Off Productions and Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya, coming from Spellbound Productions have really worked in Star Plus' favour. Rajan Shahi's Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Sapna Babul Ka.. Bidaai have jumped up the ladder yet again in ratings, and this has made a big difference to the channel's GRP. Shows like Sajan Ghar Jaana Hain and Sabki Laadli Bebo have been consistent when it comes to ratings, and lot is now expected from their new launch Sasural Genda Phool.

As per the recent ratings, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai emerges as the #1 show across all channels, with an average rating of 7.1. Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai which had seen a drop in the last few months has again gained momentum, and has registered an average rating of 6.9. Behenein has an average of 3.4 and Pratigya has a rating of 3.3. Sabki Laadli Bebo has an average of 3.2, while Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai has garnered an average of 2.9.

When asked about regaining the #1 position again, Anupam Vasudev, Executive Vice-President, Marketing – Star India PVT Ltd said, "We do not think that leadership is a weekly game, and are committed to consistently creating great content. We are happy that Star Plus viewers love the current exciting line-up of shows like Yeh Rishta, Bidaai & Sabki Ladli Bebo, while appreciating the new shows like Pratigya, Behenein and Sasural Genda Phool. Star Plus has always been known for its superlative story-telling and our shows depict the changes that are taking place in the society today, with a healthy dose of realism, optimism, social concerns, edginess, and humour".

With a lot more changes expected in the programming line-up of Star Plus, one can clearly say that Star Plus is back on track now to give a healthy competition to the other popular GEC's.
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