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Old 10-28-2010, 07:00 PM
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Default Photos/Daily Episodes Videos/Star Cast/Story: Star Plus's Maryada

Set in Haryana, a bold family drama about the lives of four women of the Jhaakar family and the darker realities of their relationships that lie beneath the surface. The story is about how these four women (Devyani, Uttara, Vidya & Priya) manoeuvre themselves in this seemingly perfect family, but have serious skeletons in the cupboard that could become ugly for this family.

The show dramatizes the facades, the unrest and challenges they face in order to safeguard their relationships in this family . It traces journey of these four women, which is full of trials & tribulations, lies, deceit & betrayal to achieve their ultimate aim of restoring lost faith & values back into their family, keeping in mind never to break their Maryaada. But for the sake of same Maryaada… how they will have to break their silence!!!

Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak? (Hindi- मर्यादा : लेकिन कब तक ?, English Meaning- Keeping Our Limits: But Until When?) is an Indian television Soap Opera that aired on 18 October 2010 on STAR Plus

  • Vishwajeet Pradhan – Brahmanand Jakhar
  • Indrani Halder – Devyani Jakhar
  • Daksh Ajit Singh – Gaurav Jakhar (elder son)
  • Vindhya Tiwari – Vidya (Gaurav’s wife)
  • Rakesh Bapat – Aditya Jakhar (younger son)
  • Riddhi Dogra – Priya (Aditya’s love interest)
  • Kamya Punjabi- Uttara (Devyani’s sister)
  • Nivin Ramani- Cheenu/Gagan ( priya's younger brother)

Priya Pradhan (20-21yrs)

Our main protagonist is a beautiful girl who is much mature above her years. Being a college principal’s daughter, she has been brought up in a disciplined atmosphere. She was righteous and stood for all that was right. In the beginning she was a outgoing, sociable, friendly and communicative. But a terrible incident brought a transformation in her personality and she became reserved, guarded in her approach and frantic at the mere touch of a man. The reason for the intensity in her character is because of her scarred past.

Devyani (SSP’s Wife): 40-43yrs

She is a perfectionist & single handed runs her household. She knows the ways & means of her husband, but doesn’t interfere in his affairs. Even though she knows that he has affairs outside, she has sort of built a glass cover around her world which she guards with her life. Since she knows the dark secrets of her family, she makes it a point to cover it all with as much gloss as possible.

Vidya (Gaurav’s wife): 22yrs

Vidya is a simple village girl with basic education who comes into this family with dreams in her eyes. She falls in love with Gaurav the 1st time she sees him & is very happy to be married to him. She expects lot of romance & love from him, but is not unable to open up to him. And also thinks that he is shy. She is completely besotted by her new husband and is even more impressed when he talks of them being friends first before consummating the marriage. They become very good friends but Vidya wants the marriage to progress and soon her rosy dreams of a perfect marriage begins to crumble when her husband shows no interest in her.

Uttara (40-43yrs)

She is Devyani’s younger sister. Uttara is the beautiful & extremely attractive sister of Devyani. She is married to a complexed man, Rishabh, who is insecure of his wife’s enchanting beauty. Uttara is in awe of her jijaji (Brahmanand) & shares a plutonic relationship with him. This is the bone of contention between Uttara & Rishabh.

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Old 10-28-2010, 07:02 PM
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Ridhi Dogra who essays the role of Priya in Star Plus' Maryada in a conversation with TellyBuzz..

Ridhi Dogra who started her journey in television as a Producer and later got into the groove of acting with Real TV's Hindi Hai Hum has now bagged a powerful role that puts light on the issue of women empowerment in Star Plus' newest offering Maryada-Lekin Kab Tak?

Ridhi in an exclusive conversation with TellyBuzz shares her latest experience from the show and her rapport with her onscreen cast and crew.

Tell us about the concept of the show Maryada?
The show is all about four women, it basically puts more light on women empowerment. The story is based on North Haryana where women are not given their rights and power to stand in the society. In real life, I have seen women tackling with their problems at my village; they don't voice and stand for their rights. The show will see such ladies coming forward and fighting for their rights.

Tell us about your character in the show?
As I said, the show focuses on four women facing their set of problems. The story is about how they unite to fight for all their rights. My character Priya Pradhan comes from the background where my father is someone who always fights for the right things. So being from such a background, I have taken up after him. Apart from that she is a responsible girl who is very sensitive and knows where to draw a line for herself.

What made you to take up this character in the show?
Honestly speaking I never take up roles which don't appeal me. If taken a look around this small screen, you could see more and more actors trying to create their new image through their authentic acting. They don't want to create dramatic shades which television industry initially had. Talking on the character I would say, I had auditioned for two roles, namely Vidhya and Priya, which were both nice in their own way. I got selected for Priya's role. So acting naturally was the major motive behind taking up the role.

What do you expect from the character you essay?
My character has lot many shades to essay, so desperately waiting to essay them. Priya is not filmy, she is fed up with the way life has dictated things for her and is trying to get out of it. In the meanwhile, she will face many problems, she will fall in love, she will cry, laugh, will get angry etc. So I am looking forward for my character to grow.

How far do you think the show will succeed in appealing to the audience?
I want this show to last till I last (Smiles).The show on the whole has lot to say, it is not just the story about two people, but every character has something to convey in every episode. So the show will not only concentrate on one person or one issue at a time but will revolve around all characters.

How is your rapport with the co actors?
My rapport with all the actors and cast is just rocking; we are doing very well together. In the initial parts of the show itself we gelled like a family. We play cards for the whole night. Not only the cast but also our director and creative are so lovely that they keep our spirits high and have fun with us.

How has your experience been playing Priya till now?
It has been great and I would thank the director and creative for making my life simpler. I am hoping for more good things in future.

Any incident you want to share with us?
Yes, there are certain scenes that I have shot for the show which really made me scary. There was this scene where I was asked to stand on the edge of the platform facing the super fast train coming my way. The second incident was when I was made to stand at the edge of the suicide point without any support or harness. Though I was asked to give very sad expressions, my eyes were watering and my body was shaking with fear. That was something very scary till date.

Do you regret not being a part of Laagi Tujhse Lagan as you character ended very abruptly?
No I don't regret not being a part of the show because even though my character was liked by the audience, the show is all about Nakusha and Dutta Bhau and not any one else. In fact I am feeling happy that I have been loved so much for that character. I came to know about it after I got out of the show when people started asking me to come back..

Do you plan to produce a show on TV?
Not at all!! Initially I was working with Zoom, I was an employee with them but now my thoughts have changed. I want to perceive many good things in my career. Till the time I am happy with acting, I will continue with the same. But at some point in my life, I want to study fashion and become a stylist.

Are you happy with the career you have had?
Yes, of course, I am happy with what I am now because as I said, I have even done a job before, so I knew how one feels on a Sunday evening when he/she thinks about resuming office the next day. I am happy that I don't have to go and attend the meetings and seminars, but have to essay a different character over all.

Are you dating someone?
No, I am not dating anyone. Though I am single, I am not ready to mingle for the reason that I know that once I get into any relationship, that might come in between my work and career. You can say that I am purposely not getting into any relationship.

Any comments to your fans!
Firstly, Diwali is on so happy Diwali to all the readers and fans, have a safe and prosperous Diwali. Thanks for the love and support you all have given for Priya and Supriya. Hope you shower the same blessings forever.

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Dakssh Ajit Singh composed a dream song sequence for Maryada...

Our television industry has lot of hidden talent with the actors and one of the best examples would be our guy Dakssh Ajit Singh, who is seen as Gaurav in Star Plus's Maryada. A latest buzz has come to us is about his hidden talent which was recently opened up in public.

A source conveys to TellyBuzz, "Recently the show experienced a dream song sequence for Gaurav and Vidya's (Vindhya Tiwary) first night, where Vidya fantasizes herself along with Gaurav on a very romantic song. But the real buzz is that the song on which the dream sequence was shot is actually composed by none other than Dakssh himself."

It came as a surprise for TellyBuzz; therefore we contacted Dakssh to know more on his hidden talent. "Yes, actually I am a poet, I love writing poetry since childhood. This talent was known by my producer, so he suggested me to put down my pen for a dream sequence and try my hands on it. So, I written the song which was too liked by everyone and finally it was beautifully composed."

"It was not sung by me but a guy named Udhav," Dakssh adds.

Talking about his feelings for the songs and compositions, Dakssh goes on, "It was awesome experience to compose a song for my own show as I always wanted to be a lyrist and got this opportunity in the show."

That is something appreciating Dakssh, Keep it up!

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Maryada gets its next twist; Priya's dark past revealed..

The Maha Episode to be aired this Saturday will bring to the fore the dark and ugly past of Priya..

Star Plus will screen the Maha Episode of Maryada Lekin Kab Tak?, this Saturday wherein the dark and ugly past of Priya (Ridhi Dogra) will get revealed.

As per the present story, Priya has been a girl who is silent and sober due to a tragedy that has struck her in the past. With Aditya (Rakesh Bapat) falling in love with her and wanting to marry her, Priya decides to break the ice and tell him about her past.

According to our source, "Priya is very tense about revealing the truth to Aditya. However, she decides to tell him everything before she agrees to marry him. Aditya will propose Priya in a very sweet way, and this forces the girl to come out with the truth before he gets to know of it thro' someone else. She decides to write about it in a letter and sends it to Aditya. Unfortunately, Aditya even before reading the letter garlands Priya in the Tulsi Vivaah, which means that they are already made for each other".

We hear that Aditya however will get to know of Priya's past and this will lead to an interesting twist.

Will Aditya accept to marry Priya after knowing her secret?

Well, if sources are to be believed, Priya who was once a very bubbly and outspoken girl was molested by a person, and this is what Priya has been hiding from everyone.

Our source tells us, "There is a big highpoint in the show, as in the coming episodes it will be revealed that the person who ****d Priya is one of the family members of Aditya".

We hear that the big twist will happen when it will be revealed that Aditya's dad Brahmanand (Vishwajeet Pradhan) who poses to be a honest police officer has a dark side to himself, and he is the guy who had ****d the innocent Priya. But this track will open up after a while.

As of now, we need to wait and see how Aditya reacts after knowing about Priya's ugly past.

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Old 10-28-2010, 07:05 PM
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Priya falls in love with Aditya; has a reason to smile in Maryada

Priya, the silent girl gets all expressive as she falls in love with Aditya in Star Plus' Maryada..

Priya the protagonist of Star Plus' Maryada – Lekin Kab Tak?, has finally fallen in love with Aditya (Rakesh Bapat), and this has brought about a change in her!! The girl who was always seen with a grim face now knows the meaning of smile and it is love that has brought about the sea-change in her.

Our source tells us, "Priya has thrown all her reservation out of the window, and is day dreaming about the man she loves. There was a cute sequence shot recently wherein Priya gets out of the house and hallucinates of seeing Aditya everywhere. She sees him in the vendor, the shop keeper and all others who walk on the road. She just cannot believe that she is in love, and is in a happy mood after a long time".

For the uninitiated, Priya believes that Aditya has seen the letter where she had confessed about her past. And the relief that Aditya has accepted her has brought out the feelings that were till now hidden within her.

When contacted, Ridhi Dogra told us, "Yes, finally you will see Priya smiling. She has fallen in love and is dreaming of Aditya always. Love has indeed blossomed and has changed her life for good".

We hear that Aditya and Priya's wedding is on the cards, and will be aired in the next two weeks.

On this Ridhi said, "The chemistry between Aditya and Priya has been appreciated by the audience. I have heard that our wedding is coming soon, but you never know as in daily soaps, anything can happen at the last minute. If the creative team feels that the love story between the two is getting them the audience, they might prolong the love track and postpone marriage".

Well, for now it is the lovey-dovey scenes of Aditya and Priya that will keep the viewers glued…

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