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Old 12-13-2009, 10:01 AM
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Default Successful Social Bookmarking

Have you ever found a site so helpful or with a beautiful design or great content that you wanted to tell others about? You add it to your favorites so that you can remember where it is, but how do you go about publicly sharing your great find or even your own masterpiece? Social bookmarking is how.

In the not so distant past, I recall reading articles or blogs on the web where upon reaching the end, the author would invite the reader to “del.icio.us this” or “Furl it”, if they liked the article.
It took me awhile but I finally just had to find out what was so “del.icio.us” that I might want to “Furl”.

Furl and del.icio.us are just two of the websites dedicated to allowing a user to share their personal library of favorites with the World Wide Web.

It’s like announcing to the WWW that you think XYZ.com or 123blog site is interesting as well as yoursite.com so hey everyone take a look and see if you agree! I have also seen Social Bookmark sites called “public link management applications”.

You don’t just slap the links on the page and leave though. The success of these sites depends upon real people recommending real parts of the web for other users to enjoy. Appropriately, when sharing your favorite links, you are also asked to “tag” the URL. In others words list keywords that a person would search for to find a specified article, blog or website. Writing a short description is also a feature of some of the bookmarking sites.

On the internet, you can usually snare a bonus or two. Social Bookmarking is no different. Sharing your favorites and your own website can have some huge rewards. If you have the Google toolbar

installed, surf on over to www.connotea.org, www.digg.com, http://del.icio.us, and www.furl.net. If you don’t have the toolbar, I’ll just tell you that the page ranks of the aforementioned websites are PR5, PR5,

PR7, and PR8. The bonus is that when you list your own website on these sites, you have high page ranked websites pointing to yours. In other words, one way inbound links from PR 5, 6, 7 and 8 websites. The best part is that they are totally free!

I would like to share my experience with Social Bookmarking. Please keep in mind that I have not spent any money on advertising.

One way inbound quality links, also known as backlinks are the number one way to get your site ranked higher by the search engines, especially the Big Three. No not GM, Ford and Chrysler. I’m talking about Google, Yahoo and MSN. Yahoo and MSN will recognize more links than Google will though. Check it out. Go to each of those three and type

link:http://www.yoursite.com into their search boxes. That will tell you in their view, how many sites are linking to yours. Three weeks ago, I did this with vondonia.com, I found 2 links according to Google, 18 links according to MSN and 44 links according to Yahoo.

A more recent check revealed 0 for Google, 14 for MSN but a whopping 54 for Yahoo. For Google I would attribute the loss of the two inbound links to the somewhat recent algorithm change (Big Daddy). The two links that were previously recognized by Google were my own pages on my website.

I can tell you though, that vondonia’s Alexa.com ranking has been steady and positive. If you don’t have the Alexa toolbar, you should also download that to help keep track of your traffic rankings. I have seen huge authority sites with PR zero from Google but ranked in the top two thousand in Alexa.

Here is what has happened to Vondonia.com in an experiment with Social Bookmarking. Any additional promotional actions taken are listed.

04/10/06 - Commence statistics monitoring Google-PR3, Alexa 1,042256
04/17/06 - Alexa 706,994. Registered vondonia with two social bookmark sites in previous week.
04/20/06 - Alexa 648,405
05/04/06 - Alexa 417,985. Registered with two more SBM’s.
05/15/06 - Alexa 348,878
05/18/06 - Alexa 331,693. Had written an article and distributed it to a handful of article sites.
05/22/06 - Alexa 312,069
05/29/06 - Alexa 304,050. I noticed that someone else had SBM’ed my site in Connotea.org
06/02/06 - Alexa 298,091
06/05/06 - Alexa 298,971. Wrong way!! I believe it was lack of promotion, posting, bookmarking, etc....
06/08/06 - Alexa 292,737. Added RSS feed from site-reference.com to site and registered article with del.icio.us.
06/12/06 - Alexa 256,031
06/19/06 - Alexa 254,885 and Google PR is still PR3
As you can see, social bookmarking helped site rank with Alexa which also helped my website appear higher in searches and according to Alexa resulted in more visitors.

Here are a couple of webmasters and their websites who are sharing programs to make your social bookmarking experience easier. They have developed software so that you can add one link to your site, article or blog and your visitors can submit it to a huge choice of social bookmarking sites. This will also serve as an extensive list of social bookmark sites for you to sign up with and announce your favorites.

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