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Default TOP 10 Best of Vikas Gupta's Journey in the Bigg Boss house

.com #BiggBossInnings: The 'Mastermind' Vikas Gupta's Journey in the Bigg Boss house

5-7 minutes

As Bigg Boss Season 11, amongst the most controversial installments of the show's history nears its end, we have our Top 5 - Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani.
With the show in its last leg, we will be journaling the journeys of the Top 5 and the roller-coaster ride they have been through.
Amongst the Top 5, one of the strongest yet vulnerable contestants is Vikas Gupta, who is a serious contender to win the show.
After presenting Shilpa Shinde's saga, here is a presentation of Vikas' ride which has been full of moments from the beginning.
Get ready as I highlight Vikas' trip in the show and be critical about it-
The Fight with Shilpa Shinde in the Premiere Episode

Following the introductory format, Salman Khan welcomed Vikas Gupta while Shilpa Shinde was still on stage. Now, it was common knowledge that Shilpa and Vikas do not share even a close-to cordial relationship courtesy their Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai fiasco. And talk about fireworks, the two did not wait to even enter the house and started to argue and play the blame game right on stage in front of Salman, From that moment, we knew we are in for mayhem.
Shilpa's CONSTANT badgering and Vikas' efforts to AVOID her

Vikas was constantly badgered by Shilpa in the house in the following weeks, with the latter passing constant comments and taunting Vikas at every possible occasion in the house. While, Vikas mostly choose to not pay attention to Shilpa's behaviour, he did lash out at her quite a few times, but always made sure to maintain his dignity.
Vikas attempts to ESCAPE from the Bigg Boss house

However, there were instances when Shilpa's words/mental torture hurt Vikas so much that not once, but twice Vikas unsuccessfully attempted to scale the walls of the Bigg Boss house and escape. Both the times, Bigg Boss cajoled Vikas to continue with the game and not give up mid way.
Vikas and Hiten Tejwani's Budding friendship post Priyank Sharma's FIRST Exit

Vikas Gupta and Akash Dadlani's infamous fight led to the ouster of Priyank Sharma, as the latter hit Akash. Priyank and Vikas have known each other even before entering the Bigg Boss house and with Vikas' closest friend shown the door, he was left with no other option but to make other friends. Its from there, that the audience saw an epic friendship tale between Vikas and Hiten Tejwani.
His TASK prowess

Vikas' friendship with Hiten was for the best of the former, as the audience saw a change in his overall attitude. He became the 'mastermind' that he is even tagged as, today. And the biggest instance of his strategic intelligence was proved, when Vikas messed with wildcard Dhinchak Pooja and ended up turning her against her team, thus making them lose. The Appy Fizz Lounge Task too was another example of Vikas Gupta's excellent strategic s****s, where an initially not wanting to be nominated Hina Khan ended up 'saving' Luv Tyagi and getting nominated herself.

What is unbelievable is that Vikas is the only contestant to be chosen by Bigg Boss in the entire season for a secret task (looks like Bigg Boss only found Vikas worthy enough). Even if it wasn't a legitimate task, Vikas was given an opportunity by Bigg Boss himself to lift the captaincy ban imposed on him, when he assaulted Puneesh. Also, Vikas recreated history when he became the only contestant in the entire history of the show to nail 20 tasks, the most by anyone ever.
Other Highlights:
Vikas Gupta's Love-Hate Relationship with Priyank Sharma

When Priyank returned after his ousting, Vikas' happiness knew no bounds. But this happiness was short lived when Priyank turned on Vikas and their friendship soured. And until Hiten's exit, the duo did not mend their friendship. Once again, Vikas and Priyank became the close buddies they were, where the latter even had a fallout with Hina for Vikas.
Patch-Up With Shilpa Shinde

In the telephone booth task, where contestants were asked to sacrifice something in return to save their co-contestants, Vikas did the unexpected. Shilpa was instructed by Bigg Boss to ask Vikas to destroy his favourite jacket in order to save her and Vikas actually did so. This was him extending an olive branch to Shilpa and not only did their cordial relationship turn into friendship, Vikas also took a promise from Shilpa to work with him post Bigg Boss.
Vikas' Overall Image

Irrespective of the times, Vikas has been reprimanded for his violent behaviour, or been called a mastermind, one thing that he has always been known for, even by his arch rivals in the house, is the integrity he maintains during it all. He has always stood up for his friends and has even kept promises. Irrespective of his tiffs with Hina and Shilpa, he has repeatedly come to their aid, thus proving to one and all that Vikas is indeed, the perfect gentleman.
His Unexpected Downfall

The man has lost his grip on the game post Priyank's latest exit, as the last of Vikas' buddies' were gone and he was left alone. Vikas has also gone on to admit, that he no longer wishes to continue with being the mastermind, which was a surprise. Nevertheless, he is still loved by many and his chances to win the show seem as strong as anyone else.

In other words, I would like to conclude that Vikas Gupta is hands down one the most ideal contestants in all of the 11 seasons and the future participants can definitely borrow a page from his journey.
What do you feel? Leave in your comments below..

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