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Default TOP 10 amazing health benefits of yoghurt.

Why You Must Eat Yoghurt Every Day

There are so many amazing health benefits of yoghurt.


Image credit: Getty Images Heart healthy

Yoghurt has excellent benefits for your heart. It helps in maintaining a healthy heart health. Yoghurt has compounds that lower your risk of high blood pressure. It also reduces low cholesterol.


Image credit: Getty Images Improve immunity

Yoghurt has powerful properties to help your immunity. The good bacteria in it protects the body from various microorganisms that attack your immune system.


Image credit: Getty ImagesGood dental health

Full of calcium, yoghurt has immense benefits for your teeth. Calcium helps build the tooth enamel. Eating yoghurt every day can help keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Image credit: Getty ImagesBeats diabetes

A research states that eating one 28g serving of yoghurt per day can reduce your risk of diabetes by 18 per cent. Interestingly, other dairy products did not show the same promise. Eat yoghurt every day to keep diabetes away.

Image credit: Getty imagesPromotes weight loss

Want healthy weight loss? Have a cup of yoghurt every day. Calcium prevents cortisol formation in the body that has been associated with lifestyle-related disorders like hypertension and obesity.

Image credit: Getty ImagesAids digestion

Yoghurt is easily absorbed by the digestive system. t helps soothe it and keeps problems like acidity, indigestion and bloating away.

Image credit: Getty imagesGood for hair and skin

Yoghurt is an elixir for hair and skin. Not just eating it, even applying it imparts several benefits. This is because it has minerals like vitamin C, zinc and calcium. It can also banish dandruff because of lactic acid which has anti-fungal properties.

Image credit: Getty ImagesStrengthens bones

The calcium in yoghurt is essential for healthy bones. It also helps to prevent bone related problems like osteoporosis.

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