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While T&E has a number of standard reports that are very useful when it comes to extract training data, it does not provide a lot of information on the students and their organizational assignment. In addition, there is not much statistical reporting. In a global rollout you will gather many different requests for custom reports but many of these requests are going to be similar in nature. You will have to consolidate the information requirements before submitting a custom design document to the developers.

Most reporting deficiencies can be solved by simply granting your users access to ABAP query, which allows combining training data with personal data. Depending on how large your organization is, it would be almost an impossible task to ask each training site to submit their current reports in order to identify the gaps in regards to SAP. The better solution is to send out an outline of all standard SAP reports and what they can do to a chosen user community and let them identify possible needs for enhancement.
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