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3. China National Petroleum Corporation: 1,649,992

The China National Petroleum Corporation is a state-owned fuel-producing corporation and the largest integrated oil and gas company in the People's Republic of China.

CNPC, China's flagship energy enterprise, plays an important role in China's oil and gas production and supply.
The company produces 2.75 million barrels of crude oil and 5.6 billion cubic feet of gas per day.
It has 3.06 billion metric tons of oil reserves and 2,320.1 billion cubic metres of gas reserve.

CNPC's oil and gas production account respectively for 57.7 per cent and 78.3 per cent of China's total output.
In 2005, there were explosions at a CNPC owned petrochemical plant causing six deaths, a mass evacuation, and a massive oil spill over the Songhua River.

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