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Can we assign two personnel areas into same company code? if yes, i was assinging two personnel area under one company code i got a message like this- " the country group of company code xxx has been changed.this company code is used in other personnel area. the country grouping will also be changed. Make changes?" with 3 options yes, no, and cancel.

Please advice.


Originally Posted by freesaphr View Post
Select your company code using F4 (Drop down list) - one new window will come with all existing company codes.

Select YOUR COMPANY CODE, Example ZCRP is your company code, which your assigned to 1001 personnel area.

And same way assign Country grouping, like for India 40 using F4

ENTER & SAVE, same way all your personnel areas to respective company code (if your have only one company code assign all your personnel areas to same company code.

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