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Inserting PowerPoint Sound Effects File

The most common way to add a sound file in a presentation is to place the sound clip directly on a slide as an object. An icon appears on the slide, and you can click the icon during the presentation to play the sound.

There are 2 ways you can place a sound file on a slide: by selecting a sound from the Clip Organizer, or from a file on your computer.

To choose a sound from the Clip Organizer

  • On the Insert tab, in the Media Clips group, click the down arrow beneath the Sound icon, and click Sound from Clip Organizer.
  • The Clip Organizer appears with icons for the available clips.

  • To preview a clip, in the Clip Organiser, right-click a clip and choose Preview/Properties. A Preview/Properties dialog box opens, and the sound plays.
  • To close the dialog box, click Close.
  • When you satisfied with the clip, click the clip that you want to insert. A box below appears:
  • Choose one of these options. An icon for the sound appears in the center of the slide.
  • Reposition and resize the icon if necessary.
  • If you are finished, close the Clip Organizer by clicking its Close (X) ****on.
Note: It's better for you to establish an Internet connection so that you can have a much wider variety of clips available.
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