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Default 'Elesh was never interested in me' - Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant comes clean on the reasons why she dumped Elesh Parujanwala, and the manner in which Imagine edited out all that Elesh had to say about their relationship..

Rakhi Sawant who unlike her nature had kept quiet regarding her break up with Elesh Parujanwala has finally broken her silence, and is she furious or what!

The feisty item girl now says her Canada based fiance was never really interested in her."He clearly told me during Pati Patni Aur Woh, that he had entered Rakhi Ka Swayamvar, with an express intention of getting some free publicity.

He thought that his lack of Hindi would surely result in his quick elimination from the latter NDTV Imagine show. His real aim was to find a foothold in the film industry and for that he wanted to use me as a ladder.

Hence when I chose him, he was not happy. Elesh only agreed to the marriage because he thought he could fob of me. The shameless guy even wanted to move in with me. He also did not care whether, I wore a bikini , or smooched on screen as long, as I brought home the moolah. What finally broke the camel's back was his demand that our future children would not have Indian citizenship, as he regarded us backward", says she.

Rakhi is also annoyed at NDTV Imagine for editing all the above damning parts; "Rather they made me look bad on Pati Patni Aur Woh for calling it quits. I just can't understand why my maayka did this to me".

Rakhi said ideally she wanted some more time after swayamvar to choose her match. "My halfway decision of getting engaged and not getting married was an answer to the constant speculation that, I will cut and run. And thank God I did not do saat

phere with a man, who has had 7/8 affairs back home. It now appears that his parents had already washed his hands off him and told him to make his own life. I have some more dirty linen on him, which can ruin him, but I will not expose him right now."

So how did you deal with this situation? "I was heart broken by Elesh's behavior. I cried for days at end, but in the end ,Rakhi Sawant never gives up".

Already she has started to look ahead." I am featuring in a very hot music video with IshQ Bector. I was getting tired of a traditional look, thanks to Swayamvar hence when IshQ suggested this ***y boxing match concept for his new album Jhagde, I jumped at it. This video is the first venture of her new production company. My big dream is a 500 episode serial on the life of Jesus Christ.", she quips.

Rakhi's streak of bad luck continues. She was a guest performer on the recent finale of Star Plus's marriage show, Pefect Bride where she hurt her foot during the rehearsals. " But the channel inhumanly asked me to continue. As a result, I am now in lots of pain and my foot is bandaged ", cried Rakhi.

So what advice did you give to Jhumpa and Hitesh? " I told them to have a good life. See whatever wrong has happened to me might not necessarily happen to somebody else and why should I ruin their happy day with my sad story?".

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