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Nandita Sharma - Lux Perfect Bride Contestant

Nandita Sharma

Date of Birth and Age
: Oct 10th, 1983; 25 yrs
Qualification: MBBS
Profession: Doctor
Family: Nuclear family consisting of father, mother, 2 yonger brothers and grandparents.
Caste: Hindu, Sharma
City: Chandigarh

What are your expectations from a Life Partner?
I would preferably like a Doctor. Someone who is honest, caring, belonging to a middle class Hindu Brahmin Khatri family.

What is your definition of a perfect bride?
Someone who is emotionally, financially and physically fit to take on all that comes with a new relationship.

How are you preparing for the show?
By shopping, sleeping and eating, as we don't know what we will be in for once we are in the house.

What qualities are you looking for in your partner?
Good sense of humour, emotionally and physically stable, positive thinking, healthy lifestyle and adventurous.

What made you choose this medium to find your groom?
Destiny…. I am here so I believe I will find my partner here as well.

How do you plan to impress your mother in law?
By being myself.

What according to you is the mantra for a perfect match?
I think it's too old a thought, nowadays people either click or not, there cannot be any recipe for the same.

Which celebrity couple do you admire the most?
Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan
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