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Rekha-Amol's secret honeymoon in Pyaar Mein Twist!

Anmol-Rekha will be off for their honeymoon in Star Plus' Pyaar Mein Twist..

Rekha (Roshni Chopra) might be sad after her plan of going for a honeymoon failed miserably in Star Plus' new comedy show, Pyaar Mein Twist. However, she will not leave any stone unturned in convincing her husband Amol (Manish Paul) to take her for one very soon!!

A source says, "This time Rekha will attempt hard to trap Amol in her plan; she will try to woo him by making him happy. She starts to behave like a typical Indian housewife, and agrees to do whatever her husband tells her. She also makes a hot cup of tea for him. The innocent Amol is carried away with whatever she does for him, and agrees to take her for a honeymoon. They plan to run away from the house in the wee hours of midnight, without informing anyone at home".

With Rekha and Amol all set to enjoy their honeymoon in Matheran, we wonder whether there is yet another twist to take place..

Our khabroo tells us, "While the couple is in Matheran, the entire family gets to know of their plan and come to the place to destroy their plans. Their honeymoon will eventually turn into a nightmare".

We contacted Roshni Chopra and she says, "Yes, we will go on our honeymoon, but viewers will have to watch to know whether there is yet another twist coming or not".
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