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Hi Trainers,

When i was about to join this forum i was told that all the configuration documents with screen-shots will be provided for all the topics but many topics are not at all touched & covered till date and no configuration document is posted. In the adverisment it is said that all the configurations are readfy but its not there. Only PA,OM, Time mgmt, payroll india, PCR schema and ESS& MSS have been covered.

Pls provide the downloadable configurations for the followong very important topics ASAP as i need to learn these ASAP. My friends who are also members of this forum they are also waiting for the same. Thanks

2- Benefits ( INDIA, UK, US, AUSTRALIA )
3- Objective Settings & Appraisal OSA ( Performance Management )
4- Enterprise Compensation Management
5- E-Recruitment
6- Learning Solution LSO
7- Succession Planning
8- Training & Event Management
9- Personnel Development
10-Management of Global employees MGE
11-Employee Interaction Center EIC
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