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Default How to Start 'AS IS' Statement?

I am new to preperation of the 'AS IS' phase statement while implementing the SAP HR india pay roll project. Previously I worked on the configuration part only but I am never involved in preperation of 'AS IS' statement.

Presently in my company they are asking me to implement sap hr india payroll project in india, for that I need to start with 'AS IS' statement.

How to start doing the project in 'AS IS' ?

Are you working as a technical person or functional person?
This work is of a functional consultant.It involves understanding the complete functionality of the system.

It involves detailed understanding of how the HR department is functioning because based on that only you would provide a solution to them. Like suppose you are implementing SAP HR module for them then in the AS-IS and TO-BE phase, you need to prepare all the documents of the process flow (you can prepare them in word). Like suppose you are implementing for PA then you need to identify how many personnel areas you need to make, how many subareas you will make, employee groups, subgroups, based on what you are classifying them? This all will come in the master data document which has to be approved from the client whoever he is .

Like if the current system is on mainframe or for some specific applications like for recruitment the system is on mainframes and the client wants to keep that system as well then interfaces need to be identified which will be there because you will have to upload the data to sap system using bdc.

Like this for every process there will be a document.Even for actions like:

- Hiring
- Newly Hire
- Termination
- Transfer
- Layoff etc
You will have to see what all actions your client wants, like if there is an action transfer which is run for employee what all will be the reasons you will be configuring for that action. This will be told by the client which can come out after a series of meetings and after discussions you will have to come out with the document that these will be action types. These will be the action reasons, these will be the action codes for that. This will be in the TO BE process document.

After this phase is over complete configuration can be done.
Actually AS-IS process in summary involves a :

1) Series of meeting with the client.
2) Gathering complete information about the existing system.
3) Preparation of the blue print documents describing the complete AS-IS process ,i mean the existing system.
4) Flow charts should be included in the as-is blue print process flow document describing the complete process.
5) After this is finished u have to give the TO-BE process structure that will be implemented in SAP.
6) After that there will be some things which cannot be implemented in SAP so the gaps are to be identfied.
7) These gaps are to be documented in white paper for the client.
It is a lenghty process but not so difficult only the thing is that the functionality is to be understood properly.

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