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Default Suhana in Star Plus' Sasural Genda Phool cooks Chicken Dumplings with Tomato gravy fo

Suhana in Star Plus' Sasural Genda Phool cooks Chicken Dumplings with Tomato gravy for Ishaan...

It looks as though Akshay Kumar hosted Master Chef India on Star Plus has brought about the urge in people to try their hand at cooking!! Suhana (Ragini Khanna), the protagonist of Sasusal Genda Phool, produced by Ravi Ojha Productions, has in fact been bitten by the bug of cooking, and she does this for the first time in her life to impress her husband, Ishaan Kashyap (Jay Soni).

A source from the set informs, "Suhana does have an outburst wherein she reveals to all that she is concerned for Ishaan. In order to do something special for her hubby, she decides to cook a dish for him. In spite of not having entered the kitchen in her life time, Suhana takes all the steps needed to cook a satisfactory dish for him. She decides to make Chicken Dumplings with Tomato Gravy, and researches a lot to get to know the method of preparation. After spending hours in the kitchen, Suhana is successful in putting up the dish on the serving table. Though she has made it specially for Ishaan, she requests the other family members to taste it before Ishaan does. However, nobody is ready to eat it because it is Suhana's first experiment in the kitchen".

"Ishaan does taste the dish first, and luickily for Suhana, gives the green signal and declares to all that the dish is indeed tasty. Hearing this, the others jump in to taste the dish", adds our source.

Ishaan also appreciates Suhana for her good work. "Yes, we have shot for the sequence where Suhana for the first time cooks food for Ishaan and gets appreciated for the same," asserts Jay Soni.

We contacted Ragini Khanna who confirmed saying, "Yes, Suhana has prepared Chicken Dumplings with tomato gravy for her hubby for the first time. You have to watch to know how good it is".

This sequence will be aired in the Maha Episode next weekend. Soon after the Maha episode next week, Suhana and Ishaan's life will take a new turn as Suhana expresses her feelings for Ishaan!

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