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If you requirement not according to EE grouping so you can avoid this step.

If all EE are have same Symbolic accounts you can avoid this step.

Define employee grouping/account assignment

In this step, you define the employee groupings for account determination. You do not have to specify employee groupings unless you want to post wage types to various accounts in Financial Accounting (FI) in line with employee attributes.

If you want to post to FI accounts with reference to a specific employee groupings, you must define an alphanumeric key of up to three characters for each of the required employee groupings. You then define the conditions for assigning employees to employee groupings that you have defined for posting to accounting. (You set conditions according to employee attributes, as defined by entries in the Workplace Basic Pay table (WPBP). Note that an employee can, at any one time, only be assigned to one employee grouping.

Requirements: In your enterprise, you have identified the groups of employees that are to be treated separately for posting to FI accounts.

Standard settings
The standard system contains employee groupings.

Employee grouping
Hourly paid employee
Salaried employee

In the standard system, the feature PPMOD is based on the employee subgroup grouping for personnel calculation rules (ABART). (You use this feature to define conditions for assignment in the second activity in this step). The feature is defined as follows:

ABART = 1 or 2
Hourly paid employee

Salaried employee

ABART <> 1, 2 or 3

We recommend that you do not change the defintion of the feature PPMOD retroactively, since reversals made in retroactive accounting use the same definition with which they were originally posted. If you have to make changes, use new employee groupings, or restrict the validity period in the feature definition.

1. Choose Employee grouping account determination: Define values.
2. To add further employee groupings to existing employee groupings, choose New entry.
3. Save your entries and go back.
4. Choose Define assignment of employee attributes to employee grouping account determination.
5. To adjust the conditions by which employees (on the basis of their attributes) are assigned to previously defined employee groupings, make the required changes to feature PPMOD.
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