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If they are married, fair enough. But then WHY the need to get married in BiggBoss and pretend as if nothing has happened? They are deceiving the audience, which is wrong. It's a reality show....except nothing is "real."
The channel is also in on this, agreed. Both parties should be ashamed of themselves.

^^ LOL it cannot even be called a "second marriage." Call it lies, cheating, whatever! Point is that this so-called shaadi is nothing but shambles. Throw Sara and Ali out of the show and call off this season. Making a fool out of the public!

They are making a JOKE of an institution like MARRIAGE. Is it allowed to get married to the same person without a divorce? I know Hindus can't have a second ceremony till they are celebrating the 60th Birthday of the Male spouse. Its the only time we are allowed to have a ceremony like marriage.

How does it work in the Muslim Shariat Law?

Clearly these people (Sara & Ali) do not follow Islam one bit so they won't care what the shariat says.

To answer your questions, you cannot have the Nikah done twice with the same person according to the Sunni shariat, however there are 2 types of Nikah in Shia sects which I am not sure about, all I know is that there is a temporary nikah and the permanent nikah but I do not know any details on how these 2 types of Nikah works and I might be wrong about it.
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