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Can people with diabetes eat mangoes?

Mangoes are a great source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, fibre, antioxidants and several other nutrients. Pair their nutritious advantages with their sweet, nectary flavour, and they become quite the irresistible fruit, especially when they are in season.

However, people with diabetes often feel they have to completely avoid mangoes owing to the sugar content. This a common misassumption. The main objective of any diabetic diet is to keep blood glucose levels under control. This means that the aim is not to abstain, but to control portion sizes and be aware of the nutrition contents of all foods being consumed.

The good news is that as per global dietary guidelines, people with diabetes can consume about half a small mango or half a cup of chopped mango pieces. Having such a serving twice a week can even prove to be healthy for people with diabetes. Also remember to keep a check on your blood glucose levels regularly. Your blood glucose levels will reflect if you can have mangoes or not, helping you maintain a stronger control over your diet.
Finally, the best way to know is by checking with your doctor. Armed with your blood glucose patterns, visit your doctor to know how much or how less of mangoes can you have, and you may be surprised –you may be able to enjoy mangoes too.


Holidays are a time to let loose and enjoy, and one of the most popular ways to do this is by savouring a multitude of different dishes. This can also be a buzz**** for the holidays for a person with diabetes as more often than not, these eatables are health hazards for them. So, as a person with diabetes, how else can you enjoy your holidays?
  1. Start your day early- Going for morning jogs helps you stay fit even on holiday, and gives a refreshing start to a whole day of fun!
  2. Take a Walk- Sightseeing is one of the most fun things to do on a holiday, and when you do this by walk, staying healthy becomes a fun activity.
  3. Laugh- Yes, that's right! Laughter is definitely the best medicine around, so find something to tickle your funny bone and give your holiday a positive boost.
  4. Learn about cuisines- The place you are holidaying at can have an intriguing cuisine. Don't second-guess its nutrition content. Finding out what foods you can enjoy and what you need to stay away from can be a great way to learn about its culture!
  5. Do something spontaneous- Diabetes doesn't hold you back from adding some spice to life. Pop outside for some coffee, catch a mid-afternoon movie or go shopping- small ways to have great fun!
Being a person with diabetes does not mean that you can have lesser fun during your holidays. Remember to monitor your blood glucose regularly so that you know your health status, consult your doctor before you set off on a trip, and most importantly, be prepared to have a great holiday!

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