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Default Photos: most expensive set for Zee TV's upcoming show Shobha Somnath Ki

Television industry will see the most expensive set for Zee TV's upcoming show Shobha Somnath Ki...

Zee TV is all set to showcase their promising show, Shobha Somnath Ki- Matrubhoomi Ki Prem Deewani, the historical drama about Shobha who faces invasion of emperor Mahmood of Ghazni.

The show is reportedly having the most expensive set that television ever had.

Talking about the vast set, Art Director, Jayant Deshmukh says, "It's a huge set built on eight acres of land which instills Somath Temple, Bharuch, a pond and Pathan. And making this set was very difficult because there is no reference about this place anywhere and when we surf in the net we get only very rare pictures. Building this whole set took us around five months and the cost of the whole set is approximately 12 crores."

Jayant shares an incident with , "We have always made Krishna or Ram temple on television, but making Shiv temple is really difficult. I have experienced it personally while making Somanth temple and I had faced a lot of difficulties while making the temple."

Shobha Somnath Ki seems to be a very promising venture by Zee TV with its huge cast and the extravagant sets.

The show will be on air from 20th June on Zee TV.

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