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Posting to Financial Accounting

In this section, you make the settings required for evaluating payroll results for Posting to Accounting.

If Human Resources and Accounting are implemented in separate systems, we recommend that you carry out certain activities in the HR system, and others in the Accounting system.

The Implementation Guide (IMG) for posting to Accounting is structured to reflect this recommendation by dividing most activities between the sections Activities in the HR system and Activities in the Accounting System. This divisioin is only of use if you have set up the ALE scenario for posting to Accounting in accordance with our recommendations. If you customize your ALE differently, this may result in a different division of the activities.

If Human Resources and Accounting are set up in the same system, you can ignore the activities relating to the division of activities between HR and Accounting systems. In this case, the activities from both sections are to be carried out in the same system.
For more information on posting to Accounting, refer to the SAP Library under Human Resources-> Payroll -> -> Subsequent Activities -> Posting to Accounting.
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