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Facebook releases Best Practice Guide for Marketing

Social networking has paved way to social marketing and Facebook appears to have taken it very seriously.

Reportedly, Facebook has published a guide that talks about Best Practices for Facebook Marketing. This 14 page PDF document introduces five guiding principles and Facebook by objective for better marketing techniques. It introduces users to the Facebook ecosystem which begins with building a Facebook page and making your presence felt (you can use Social Plugins and Graph APIs). Further, to strengthen the fan base with Facbook Like ads and then on amplify it with news feed and sponsored stories.

The document lists Facebook objectives for better marketing and also explains a step by step procedure to get the desired results. This guide is basically to help its members practice better marketing strategies using the following objectives:

- Foster product development and innovation
- Generate awareness
- Drive preference and differentiation
- Increase traffic and sales
- Build loyalty and deepen relationships
- Amplify recommendation and word of mouth
- Gain insights

Facebook showcases its tools which will help generate new product ideas and innovations aas well as learn about the target audience. Just creating a page isn’t sufficient, you’d have to generate awareness and increase your brand value. It lays emphasis on leveraging Facebook’s Ads and Sponsored Stories for a wider reach and enhanced targeting abilities.

The Facebook Page acts as a key touch point as the referrals come through word of mouth. The document suggests to try and understand what others think of your business, and drive preference and differentiation.
Increasing sales and traffic is one of the essential factors noted which can be done by creating promotional campaigns, setting sales goals and driving people to the purchase point. The social site reveals the emphasis on building and strengthening relationships by reminding people that you are around, by asking questions and also accepting feedback.

Facebook is more about word of mouth as when people like something it is shared with their friends and so on. It is important to encourage people to like your page by adding good content which also helps augment recommendations and word and mouth, reveals the guide.
Understanding customers is equally important so Facebook recommends learning from reports of your advertising campaigns and sponsored stories. It also tells its members to learn from page insights and use advanced campaign metrics. The last page of the document takes you to helpful Facebook resources related to pages, permissions, advertising and more.
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