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Building a First-Class Reputation

Spreading out the distribution of your articles actually creates a positive impression with the sources to whom you are submitting articles. With the website that I operate, I have come to know who my regular submitters are and the quality of their work.

It is common for me to publish the articles submitted by a writer or webmaster that has consistently shown that he or she submits quality work. This person has shown me in the past that he or she is not only a good writer, but is also submitting relevant articles.

The Rule of 7 in marketing suggests that after a person has seen your name 7 times, that they will come to recognize your name as an authority and a trusted source. What this means to you, as you distribute free reprint articles, is that a publisher becomes more likely to use your articles after he or she sees your name on a consistent basis and comes to recognize you as a person that submits quality articles.

Consistency Is The Key

There has also been a good deal of discussion that search engines prefer seeing submission of content and links on a regular, consistent basis. Following this thought, it is better to get one link to your site, once a week, rather than 52 links to your site in one week. While you will enjoy a surge in rankings temporarily if you create a number of links at once, you will likely not get the full benefit of those links in the long run.

If you were to get 52 links in a week, a search engine might think that you are going to create 52 links a week every week. When they see that you are not creating any more links for the rest of the year, you will penalized by your search engine results placement.

You should determine how frequently you can develop content, and then set your distribution schedule accordingly. If you can only create one article per month, then you should only distribute one article per month. One per week, one per month, your frequency is not important. What is important is your consistency.

Matt Cutts Proves The Importance of Consistency In A Case Study

Creating links is much the same as creating content for your website. Consistent updates to your website will increase your search engine results placement, whereas simply sticking hundreds of pages on your site at once and never updating it will hurt your rankings.
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