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welcomewiki 12-09-2009 06:12 PM

Top five funny incidents of lux perfect bride

Though Hitesh and his mom provided us with ample entertainment and fun. I am trying to walk down the memory lane and pick five most funny incidents of lpb

Event 1) When Vivek entered kanyamahal to deliver groceries he had his agenda of impressing the kanyas all chalkedout but the girls tricked him into cooking them meals and had great fun at his expense

Event 2)When the mummy's were leaving to kunwar quarters Sudeshrani was busy explaining to rumpa about taking good care of her mother and we could see rumpas mom yawning, making it clear that she need not try being her mother

Event 3) When Rajbeer, Vivek and yash staged a fight to play a prank on hitesh, it was worth watching Hitesh's expression

Event4) When Swati told Yashdeep that she was scared of his eyes Yash was totally taken aback, till then he thought that was his main asset!

Event 5) On a date with Rumpa when asked what his favourite food was hitesh replied-****er chicken, fish fry etc and Rumpa said she never ate nonveg!

welcomewiki 12-12-2009 07:34 PM

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