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welcomewiki 03-25-2010 02:50 PM

Topic 29 (Part 4) : Shared Leave (Recipient)
There is a need to record the process of an employee receiving leave donations when they have exhausted their personal leave balances.

Business Process Procedure Overview

The State of NC has a policy that permits an employee to receive leave donations from other employees provided that the employee has been approved to participate in the Voluntary Shared Leave (VSL) program. An employee who receives leave donations can then record the shared leave when he or she exhausts their personal leave balances.

Once an employee is approved for Shared Leave, an eligibility record is created that enables the employee to receive leave donations. The Absence Pool infotype (Infotype 696) will denote an employee's eligibility to receive shared leave.

There is a single subtype of Infotype 696 that is relevant to Shared Leave eligibility:

Foreign Pool (Subtype F): The Foreign Pool subtype creates a generic eligibility record for the employee.

Even though the infotype names references absence pools, the functionality in the BEACON system will only allow direct employee to employee leave donations.

Additionally, a separate Received Shared Leave quota (Quota type 80) is created for the employee when donations are made via the Absence Donations/Withdrawal Infotype (Infotype 613).

There is a single subtype of Infotype 2006 that is relevant to the quota for Shared Leave:

Received Shared Leave (subtype 80) - The Received Shared Leave quota is reduced by recording Absence type 9000 on the time sheet and is reduced only after an employee's other leave quotas have been exhausted.

Once an employee is eligible and has a Received Shared Leave quota to accept donations, donations may be processed following the steps outlined in the PA61 - Shared Leave (Donor) BPP.

This BPP will detail:

1) Creating a Shared Leave Eligibility record

NOTE: If you are processing Shared Leave across agencies, BEST Shared Services must assist with the processing.

Access Transaction:

Via Menu Path
SAP menu >> Human Resources >> Time Management >> Administration >> Time Data >> PA61 - Maintain
Via Transaction Code

welcomewiki 03-25-2010 02:51 PM

SAP Easy Access

1. Update the following required and optional fields:

Field Name
White alphanumeric box in upper left corner used to input transaction codes
Enter value in Command.
Example: PA61

2. Click Enter ****on.

welcomewiki 03-25-2010 02:56 PM

Maintain Time Data

3. Update the following required and optional fields:

Field Name
Personnel no.
Unique employee identifier
Enter value in Personnel no..
Example: 3275

4. Click Enter ****on. Information: Ensure the correct personnel number was entered after clicking Enter.

welcomewiki 03-25-2010 02:57 PM

Maintain Time Data

5. Update the following required and optional fields:

Field Name
Effective date of the personnel action
Enter value in From.
Example: 4/23/07
Ending date of the specified date range
Enter value in To.
Example: 5/23/07
Unique number identifying the type of data to be displayed.
Enter value in Infotype.
Example: 696
Infotype subtype.
Enter value in STy.
Example: F Information: The From field will default to the current date, but the date may need to be maintained. Information: The Period From and To dates should reflect the time period that an employee is eligible to receive leave donations according to his or her agency's Shared Leave policy. The receiving employee will be able to receive donations only within this period. Should the agency agree to extend the donation period, the eligibility record can be maintained to reflect the extended dates.

6. Press ENTER.
7. Click Create (F5) ****on.

welcomewiki 03-25-2010 02:58 PM

Create Absence Pools

8. Click the Absence Pool ID dropdown.

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