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welcomewiki 08-29-2018 05:09 PM

TOP 10 TV shows to watch in Netflix
5 TV shows you need to watch on Netflix if you haven't yet!

If you haven't got anything to binge on, here's what you must.

Netflix and chill is after all the new cool, and what anyone does on a free night or a weekend is take to their laptops and PCs. While you might have quite a few shows to binge on across different genres, there are some which have been on the block for a long time now.
We shortlisted about 5 TV shows that could be your next watch on Netflix, and if it were for me, I say it must.

Pretty Little Liars

For those who like chic - flicks or have a thing for some thrill and intrigue, then Pretty Little Liars is one of the must watch since it is a combination of some romance, a lot of drama, and some thrill. To sum it up for you, the story is for 4 friends who are reunited and back to being best friends after the 5th one from their group is ****ed. The mystery around her death increases with someone trying to blackmail them with secrets that the deceased friend knew.

Breaking Bad

Considered as one of the best shows of all time, Breaking Bad changed the way one watches television. The unusual concept of a chemistry teacher diagnosed with lung cancer turning to crime with an accomplice sparked interests of the audiences and critics alike.

The show sported exemplary performances by a phenomenal cast led by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman respectively. The show's popularity even spawned a spin-off, Better Call Saul and the same continues to go on. Marking one of the biggest cliches, 'If you haven't seen Breaking Bad, you haven't seen anything.'

Mad Men

Mad Men is touted to be one of the greatest TV shows. An American period drama, the show gives an insight into how and what happens in an ad agency back in time when the business was relentless and also had a glamorous appeal to it. While many might not find this one an ideal for a binge watch, when you do, it sure will turn out to be a show you'd savour as the pace sinks in.


For anyone who loves thriller and likes to indulge in some ****** drama, Dexter shall be an interesting watch. Starring Michael Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and David Zayas among many others, Dexter works for the police and lives a dual life by the night - as a ******er who ****s other ****ers. As confusing as this sounds, it is but an interesting watch.


Even if you haven't seen Sherlock, you do know who Bennedict Cumberbatch is, courtesy the word of mouth spreads fast. An updated take on the mystery tales from Conan Doyle, the detective is on a lookout for clues on the streets of London, and how he does it is what all the mystery is about.

So, which one are you watching next? Drop in your comments below.

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