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Happy Bundi Utsav 2017 Wishes Images Quotes Wallpapers Celebrations
Happy Bundi Utsav 2017 Wishes Images Quotes Wallpapers Celebrations

Happy Bundi Utsav 2017

Bundi is a city in Northwest India of Rajasthan state in Hadoti district. It is well known for its palaces, forts, and reservoirs which are named as baoris. Bundi is one of the beautiful, lovely, scenic and pleasing places that everyone should visit once in their lifetime. Bundi Utsav is a festival not only celebrated in Rajasthan state but also all over India. It is recognized to be one of the famous festivals in Indian culture. Usually, Bundi Utsav is celebrated in the month of November every year.

Happy Bundi Utsav 2017 Wishes

Bandi Utsav is celebrated for two days, that is from 17th to 19th November. Houses and workplaces are decorated with flowers and lights. This festival brings a mixture of traditional art, crafts, royalty and much more. Arts of Bundi is displayed on this occasion and they also exhibit it for sale. Therefore, lots of tourists show interest to visit this place during this festival time. Foreigners on their visit to India surely Visits Bundi and enjoy the cultural events. Bundi Utsav also has some cultural programs like singing, dancing, sports and more. Download Happy Bundi Utsav 2017 Images, Bundi Utsav 2017 Wishes, Happy Bundi Utsav Greetings, Bundi Utsav 2017 HD Wallpapers and Bundi Festival 2017 Quotes.

Happy Bundi Utsav 2017 Images
Rajasthan State Tourism Department organizes a Bundi fair every year, which attracts the travellers with their fine arts and crafts. Bundi fair includes special programs like Shobha Yatra, Cultural Programs, Sports, Folk Dance Performances, Fireworks and attire competitions. Bundi Utsav is held in Kartik Masam every year. So many religious customs were found during this Utsav. As a result, on the early morning after Karthika Purnima, people were colourful clothes and in special attire lit lamps on banks of Chambal river. They offer lots of prayers and seek blessings. Bundi sometimes well is known to be “Mini Pushkar’, due to a small town named Keshorai Patan for its water stay.

Happy Bundi Utsav 2017 Quotes
Bundi city is filled with lots of trees, wildlife and also a perfect water zone. It is also regarded as the house of World’s best paintings. Bundi is also famous for few places like Bundi palace, Taragarh Fort, Nawal Sagar, Dabhal Kund, Sukh Mahal and Nagar Sagar Twin Stepwells. There are nearly 50 step wells and out of which few are maintained. During the past water supply for the city is done by this step wells. Few more festivals are also celebrated in Bundi, they are Kajali teej, The Gangaur Festival and Bundi Utsav. Bundi Utsav was celebrated for the first time in 1998 by Shreeji Arvind Singh Mewar and Shivam Singh Dugari.

Happy Bundi Utsav 2017 Wallpapers

Bundi city is 210 Km far from Jaipur and this place is easily found. One can find Happy Bundi Utsav quotes, Bundi festival 2017 Images, Bundi Utsav 2017 HD Wallpapers, Happy Bundi Utsav photo gallery, Bundi Festival 2017 Messages and much more below.

Happy Bundi Utsav 2017 Messages
Bundi Utsav 2017 HD Wallpapers
Bundi Utsav 2017 Festival Images
Happy Bundi Utsav 2017 Greetings
Happy Bundi Utsav 2017 Whatsapp Dp Status Images

Bundi Utsav is one of the most gallant festivals in the Rajasthan. Mant foreigner visit Rajasthan to see the festival. This festival will continue for two days. On these two days, many cultural programs are performed by the locals. The Bundi city will be filled with colours and decoration on these two days. Even in the night, the entire radiates the lights of the festival. Check out Happy Bundi Utsav 2017 Images in the above section. On this day, you can also check arts and crafts fair, traditional rural sports, dancing and classical music.

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