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welcomewiki 12-10-2018 05:22 PM

TOP 10 Reasons Drashti Dhami LEAVING Silsila Badalte Rishto Ka
WHAT! Drashti Dhami LEAVING Silsila Badalte Rishto Ka, was NEVER the plan

The producer talks about it in detail. She never wanted to let her go but...

Silsila badalte Rishton Ka went off air a few weeks back. Now it is streaming only on app owing it's controversial plot. The female lead who played the role of the 'other woman' in the series was subjected to flak many a timed. Drashti Dhami however, portrayed the role with utmost grace and poise.

Recently, the producer of the show, Pearl Grey had an interview with a leading entertainment portal and talked about Drashti not being in the show any further. She said that she was totally against Nandini not being a part of the show, but then, she did not want to play a mother and an insecure wife. Thus, she left the show. It was a challenge and a lot of people thought that the show will not survive, but look at the show right now, it's ruling the digital space.

She also expressed her views about the opinions of the audience. She said that she was pretty prepared for the negative feedback, as the storyline was a bit unconventional, but they were sure that the show will be well received and that's how it turned .

The show is now streaming exclusively on Voot and for that she is highly grateful. She said that the numbers have doubled and increasing even on weekends. The show is doing extremely well, touch wood. It's very satisfying.

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