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2010: TOP 10 The world's largest employers
The world's largest employers

The world over, economies are beginning to look up: some quite rapidly while others at a rather sluggish pace. And employment generation too has begun at a healthy rate almost everywhere, barring a few hard-hit economies in Europe.

While companies in India are on a hiring spree, as in many other Asian nations, it is interesting to note who the world's biggest employers are.
Colossal organisations, both in the private as also the public sector, provide employment to millions of people across the world.
So here is a list of list some giant enterprises which are the world's largest employers.

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TOP 1. Wal-Mart Stores, US: 2,100,000

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc runs a chain of department stores across the globe.
Founded by Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962, Wal-mart is the largest grocery retailer in the United States. It also owns and operates the North American company, Sam's Club.
Wal-Mart operates in Mexico as Walmex, in the United Kingdom as Asda, and in Japan as Seiyu. It has wholly owned operations in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Wal-Mart's operations can be fragmented into three divisions: Wal-Mart Stores US, Sam's Club, and Wal-Mart International.
The company does business in nine different retail formats: supercenters, food and drugs, general merchandise stores, bodegas (small markets), cash and carry stores, membership warehouse clubs, apparel stores, soft discount stores and restaurants.

Wal-Mart's operations have often come under the scanner for its huge foreign product sourcing, low employee health insurance enrollment, resistance to union representation, alleged ***ism, etc.
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2. Indian Railways: 1,632,659

Indian Railways is the single largest employer in India and the fourth largest the world over, with 1.42 million employees. The state-owned Raliways are also on the verge of hiring more people soon.

Recently, Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee said that Indian Railways, one of the world's largest and busiest networks, will be filling up close to 170,000 vacant posts. Once that happens, Railways could well become the world's second largest employer.
Indian Railways transports close to 20 million passengers everyday.
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3. China National Petroleum Corporation: 1,649,992

The China National Petroleum Corporation is a state-owned fuel-producing corporation and the largest integrated oil and gas company in the People's Republic of China.

CNPC, China's flagship energy enterprise, plays an important role in China's oil and gas production and supply.
The company produces 2.75 million barrels of crude oil and 5.6 billion cubic feet of gas per day.
It has 3.06 billion metric tons of oil reserves and 2,320.1 billion cubic metres of gas reserve.

CNPC's oil and gas production account respectively for 57.7 per cent and 78.3 per cent of China's total output.
In 2005, there were explosions at a CNPC owned petrochemical plant causing six deaths, a mass evacuation, and a massive oil spill over the Songhua River.

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4. National Health Service, Britain: 1,626,000

In Britain, one in every 23 persons from the working

population, is employed by the National Health Service.
Over 1.626 million people work for the NHS, making England a nation of health workers, if not that of shopkeepers.

The number of NHS employees has constantly risen since the last 14 years, with as many as 59,000 people joining NHS in 2009 alone.
The NHS employs 386,400 nurses, 109,000 doctors and 122,100 scientists and other therapists.

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5. China's State Grid Corp: 1,533,800

State Grid Corporation of China was founded on December 29, 2002 as a pilot state-owned corporation by the State Council. SGCC's core business is to build and operate power grids and provide power supply.
The company has registered capital of RMB 200 billion yuan and service area covering 26 provinces.

By the end of 2005, SGCC accumulated a total asset of RMB 1176.7 billion Yuan with a debt-asset ratio of 61.96 per cent, and possessed 195,899 km of 220KV and above transmission lines with a transforming capacity up to 616.64 GVA. SGCC serves 128 million customers.

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