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welcomewiki 11-10-2010 05:40 PM

Spl.Photos: Sara Khan & Ali Merchant's 1st Marriage (10th November'2010)
Spl.Photos: Sara Khan & Ali Merchant's 1st Marriage (10th November'2010)

Welcome to the land of Bigg drama. Are Sara Khan and Ali Merchant already married? Did the two tie the knot a year back on this very day? Believe it or not, as the world eagerly awaits the grand nikaah inside the Bigg Boss house, Sara Khan and Ali Merchant got married in a small.

Terming it against Islam, Sara's father has said that Sara and Ali got married a year back. The reason why they hid it from press was to protect their careers. Sara's father also reiterated that since Sara's grandmother had just passed away, it was wrong on the young couple's part to celebrate as they were still in mourning.

Recently unearthed photographs show Sara Khan and Ali Merchant signing the nikaah-nama in front of their family. Sara can be seen sitting next to her grandmother, who passed away, in one of the snap. The wedding took place exactly a year ago on November 10, 2009. So, technically today is their first wedding anniversary.

The big question now is, why the drama on Bigg Boss? Buzz is that Sara Khan and Ali Merchant were paid a whopping Rs 25 lakhs each to get married on television. Does this mean that the channel paid them to increase their TRP? Is Bigg Boss scripted as declared by Rahul Bhatt? Interestingly, Sara Khan had publicly declared that she had no love for Ali Merchant and even tore his pictures. She even told Ashmit Patel that she truly loved him. Was that an affair outside her marriage?

Denying these reports, Sara's sister told Starnews, "These pictures are from the engagement ceremony. Why would she hide her marriage? Today, she is marrying in front of the world."

Defending her daughter's marriage inside the Bigg Boss house, Sara's mother said, "These pictures are from the engagement ceremony at Ali's place in Mumbai. We were all there."

But here's the twist. Sara's mother in the interview said that the engagement took place without a qazi but the pictures speak otherwise. Even the document which the two are seen signing reads nikaah-nama. So evidently, the two did marry last year.

Now, the question is if they're already married then why the drama? Was it for the money they were paid? Sara's mother concluded by saying, "Sara was not paid. Ali probably was."


welcomewiki 11-10-2010 05:41 PM

there is nothing wrong that they married...............but its wrong that they are trying to decieve the audience......i bet colours knows about it. btw.....her lehnga doesnt look like its worth 3 lakhs......why didnt she get a designer lehnga for the real wedding??

welcomewiki 11-10-2010 05:42 PM

Exactly :)
If they are married, fair enough. But then WHY the need to get married in BiggBoss and pretend as if nothing has happened? They are deceiving the audience, which is wrong. It's a reality show....except nothing is "real."
The channel is also in on this, agreed. Both parties should be ashamed of themselves.

^^ LOL it cannot even be called a "second marriage." Call it lies, cheating, whatever! Point is that this so-called shaadi is nothing but shambles. Throw Sara and Ali out of the show and call off this season. Making a fool out of the public!

They are making a JOKE of an institution like MARRIAGE. Is it allowed to get married to the same person without a divorce? I know Hindus can't have a second ceremony till they are celebrating the 60th Birthday of the Male spouse. Its the only time we are allowed to have a ceremony like marriage.

How does it work in the Muslim Shariat Law?

Clearly these people (Sara & Ali) do not follow Islam one bit so they won't care what the shariat says.

To answer your questions, you cannot have the Nikah done twice with the same person according to the Sunni shariat, however there are 2 types of Nikah in Shia sects which I am not sure about, all I know is that there is a temporary nikah and the permanent nikah but I do not know any details on how these 2 types of Nikah works and I might be wrong about it.

welcomewiki 11-10-2010 05:43 PM

I got this answer from a website,
"it is valid and permissible to renew one's nikah--particularly when there is a sound reason to do so, as in the question.
There is nothing wrong with having a small, private nikah and then having a larger celebration later on. Keep in mind, however, that the optimal arrangement is to announce the nikah to the community, consummate the marriage, then have a walima. If your parents agree, then you can have a nikah in the privacy of your home, provided that you have two male witnesses (or one male and two females), along with a clearly stated offer of marriage and acceptance. The bride should be represented by her male guardian. Later on at the big event, you can renew your vows for the benefit of the audience.

Well they already have had a registered marriage and going by the pics they also have a nikah. You cannot do nikaah pe nikaah, there needs to be a reason for it, for example if the husband has divorced the wife by saying the word once, then you can do the nikah. What is renewal of vows, Nikah is'nt meant to be performed again and again once for yourself another for publicity. By committing another Nikah, Sara/Ali have shown they don't have any respect and can go to any extent to sell themselves. Please Bigg Boss put Sara up for eviction. A new world record will be broken in sms history in order to oust this scumbag.

welcomewiki 11-10-2010 05:44 PM

In that case they cannot get married.....thats the penalty of giving divorce.....u cannot marry again....unless both marry someone else and consummate the marriage with that person, then if they are divorced by that person only then they can get married again.....thats why divorce cannot be taken lightly....its no joke.

Very good point (in red)...if you get divorced you CANNOT marry the same man again until after marrying AND consummating marriage to another man and then getting divorced a second time to marry the first husband.....Islam doesnt make it easy for people to make a joke of Islam it has to be taken very even if sara did get divorced then she CANT marry ali again...unless she married, consumated and divorced someone in between which wouldnt surprise me...

The other explanation could be that in some muslim families...they do the nikah as a small ceremony like an engagement ..and only do the wedding party (ruksati) sometime later when the girl offically leaves the parents home to go to her husbands home...sometimes the time between nikah and wedding party is many years....sorry to spoil the drama...but it is a possibility...but if this was the case then her family should have been clear about it in the interviews...just said yes nikah done but no ruksati yet...but they lied...maybe they didnt want to get sara angry who wanted to keep it all hidden for the sake of her career or if she changed her mind about being with a casanova Ali...

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